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Tutorial|How to Claim an Invisibility Cloak

We know that all you Heroes struggled in the adventure in the dungeon.Failed to challenge the Boss? It’s time to use the cloak of invisibility to dodge the attacks of the Boss!

The invisibility cloak is privacy-type equipment produced by the Suterusu Protocol for the heroes who are playing the Rarity game. The cloak has four rarity levels: “Ordinary”; “Premium”; “Rare”; “Epic”.

Users with a Rarity NFT can Mint a magic invisibility cloak.The minted cloak will have a randomly assigned rarity level, which will, which will determine your capability to dodge the attack.

How to claim an invisibility cloak

Step 1.

Enter the following address in your browser:

Contract Address 0xc4b435a21c2cc809b72020def95bb72b3a98f83e | FtmScan

Step 2

Select Write Contract, click Connect to Web3 to link your metamask wallet

Step 3.

Select the 2nd function, click write

Step 4.

Click 「view your transaction」

Check your cloak serial number

Copy and save your cloak serial number.

As shown in the figure below, the cloak number in this test is “4”

Step 5.

Check the rarity of your cloak

Select Read Contract

Select the 12th function, fill in the proxy cloak serial number you just saved , and click query.

Step 6.

Add your NFT to your metamask wallet

Open your metamask wallet address and click “Add tokens”.

Copy and paste the following contract address:


Now, the boss is dead! Heroes, congratulations on getting your inexhaustible production materials. Carry on with your adventure with the assistance of Suterusu! Happy Adventuring.🎉



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