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Update of Suter Shield V2

Suterusu recently launched Suter Shield V2. The main focus of Suter Shield V2 is to improve the updateability and usability of Suter Shield, the main improvement of Suter Shield V2 protocol includes:

  1. "Withdraw to" functionality that allows the users to withdraw tokens to any Metamask address. For instance, account A can withdraw tokens directly to account B.
  2. Fixing a few bugs that leads to occasional revert of contract execution.
  3. The separation between contracts containing user account information and contracts implementing the rest functionalities of the protocol. This would ensure the users do not have to re-register their accounts when the contracts are updated. It would also guarantee the balance information of all the existing users can be directly ported into the newly-deployed contract.
  4. Every public writing operation will have an emit event, which would guarantee search engines built for cryptocurrency such as The graph can directly use the statistic from Suter Shield contract to plot the user growth graph.
  5. Working on simplification of the user registration process. Potentially the users might be able to use the signature generated from the Metamask private key to at least view the content of the Suter account.

Research-wise, we continue working with our research partners on the improvement of the underlying ZK-ConSNARK scheme. In addition, we are also talking to several renowned cryptographers regarding potential collaboration opportunities.

What's the main Functionality And Product Update of Suter V2.0

  1. Permissionless listing for new tokens: it will allow any project to list their token on Suter Shield without the assistance of the Suterusu team. It will immediately transform the listed token into a token with the private payment functionality.

2. Suter Shield Enterprise:

We are also about to launch the Suter Shield product tailored for enterprise users. The application scenarios will include the investment activities of the blockchain investment institution, internal daily financial management of blockchain enterprises such as salary distribution, reimbursement, etc. Suter Shield enterprise will protect the financial privacy of the enterprise while satisfying the necessary risk management and relevant regulation-compliant requirements.




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