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Weekly | report on the 46th week of Suterusu

🚀Suterusu , a data privacy protection infrastructure built for Web3.

Research and development progress


Trying to fix the TVL failure of BNB code on Defilama, no solution has been found


Space Odyssey 2021 game contract adjustment


Still working on the development of secure and fair on-chain auction. Still working on the research of MEV attack-resistant swap. Research the possibility of private payment for erc-721 token.

Events & News


We released the Space Odyssey 2021 game whitepaperr last Thursday and received feedback from the community. We are currently revising some of the proposals.

Event preview


There will be no new announcements this week and we will finish testing the game contract as soon as possible. Please stay tuned. The game will be launched soon.

Project statistics



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