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Weekly Report Suterusu 2021 Week 35 Summary

Research and development progress


Researched the PunkWrap contract


Researched NFT listing method for Suter Punk


Optimized the front page of Suter Shield to improve product user experience


Researched Loot contracts for possible future integration

Events & News


We will hold an AMA with LongKui Community tonight at 8pm GMT+8. The LongKui Community is one of the most active communities in blockchain industry and has a very wide range of influence. The theme of this AMA is “How to Apply Private Transactions on Web 3.0”. On-site Dr. Lin Huang and JZ will interact with the LongKui Community and will airdrop Suter tokens for 5 best questions during the Q&A session.


We have users initiated a new proposal through SuterDao: “Solve the ongoing problem of insufficient balance of the current BSC and ETH cross-chain bridge”.

The content of the proposal is as follows:

1. Eliminate the price difference of Suter token on BSC and ETH.

2. Enhance the Suter liquidity between BSC and ETH blockchains

3. Improve Suter liquidity flow between MXC, PancakeSwap, Kucoin and other exchanges, and solve the problem with isolated exchanges

System plan:

1. Make sure the BSC and ETH cross-chain bridge always have sufficient balance.

2. Monitor the bridge balance every three days and make sure it always has sufficient balance

3. Make sure the user can freely deposit and withdraw Suter token on both ETH and BSC blockchain in the MXC exchange.

You can vote by visiting


As of today, the Anonymous Punk NFT BSC chain event has brought nearly 9,000 new active users to Suter Shield. We will complete wrapping function of Anonymous Punk NFT’s ERC721 on Wednesday. After that, you will be able to link your wallet to add your NFT assets and go to the exchange for trading. At the same time, we will conduct an airdrop of Suter tokens to specific number of NFT holders. Please continue to pay attention to detailed upcoming announcements.

In addition, due to the change in market enthusiasm, we decided to suspend the ETH Anonymous Punk NFT airdrop.


During EDCON2021 Ethereum Developer Conference, Dr. Lin Huang, as a keynote speaker, shared Suter’s core technology and project advantages to the participants. The keynote video has been officially uploaded to, please review.

Event preview


Next week, we will also cooperate with Wu-Shuo blockchain and other well-regarded media for press release. At the same time, we will conduct a series of AMA in 8848 and the big orange community. On Twitter, we are working with a list of KOLs for marketing.

Hashing power think tank conference which regarded as very top industry conference in the privacy field will be postpone to October because of pandemic. Dr. Lin Huang was also invited to attend the conference to share views. We are expecting good market feedback in the second anniversary of the year.

Project statistics




Bring the truly layer-2 anonymous transaction solution in Defi, to crypto, and the world.

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