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Weekly Report Suterusu 2021 Week 36 Summary

Research and development progress


Deployed the Fantom test environment


Tested the wrap Suter Punk contract


Prepared airdrop for Suter Punk NFT holders


Developed and deployed Suter Shield product switching function


Suter Shield Fantom front-end development and deployment


Official website announcement update

Events & News


Suter Shield has deployed on Fantom testnet. You can visit to experience the privacy transfer service on the Fantom network. Suter Shield Fantom mainnet is in the final phrase of testing.


A total number of 1 million SUTER tokens Anonymous Punk NFT lucky draw reward will be airdropped to the wallet address of 99 winners through the system later today. 11 users with rare NFT will be drawn to receive 20,000 Suter tokens. The other 88 winners will receive 10,000 SUTER airdrops. For specific winners list, please refer to the previous announcement.

Since BSC currently does not have a trading platform that can directly support importing BEP-721 NFT for trading, we have created an unofficial telegram exchange group.

Event preview


Last week, the Rarity game, created by the famous dev Andre Cronje, became viral after went live on Fantom. There are already more than 1.8 million active player accounts. In this regard, we launched the Rarity game equipment developed by Suterusu team, the invisibility cloak.

The invisibility cloak is a privacy type equipment specially tailored for Rarity players by Suterusu Protocol to increase the agility attribute, which fits with the privacy layer-2 protocol positioning of the Suterusu protocol.

There are four types of invisibility cloaks, “Ordinary “, “Premium “,”Rare “,”Epic “, corresponding to the increase of Dex attributes to +10%, +20%, +30%, +40%.

Users with the role of Rarity NFT can enter the mint the invisibility cloak through our smart contract, attributes will be randomly generated at the time of mint.

The invisibility cloak contract will be launched soon, please pay attention to our announcement.

Project statistics



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