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Weekly Report Suterusu 2021 Week 44 Summary

Research and development progress


Working on the development of fair auction. This will open a new page for the Suterusu project since it will move beyond a mere private payment infrastructure and become a pioneering privacy service infrastructure for Web 3.0.


Suterusu is also currently working on a design of MEV-resistant DEX, which is also part of our new endeavor to become a privacy service infrastructure for Web 3.0.


Still trying to Deployment of Suter Shield on the Near testnet and encountered EVM compatibility issues and we are looking for a solution


Space Odyssey 2021 front-end development

Events & News


Suter Shield is deployed on the Smart BCH and is in the mainnet testing phase.

Event preview


Suterusu will soon launch a Play-to-Earn game.

Space Odyssey 2021 is an open Space exploration game.

Players will be the captain of starships to collect “Monolith” in the exploration of unknown planets, decrypt the secret coordinates recorded therein, and explore the ultimate secret land that can reveal life, the universe and everything -- Europa.

“Monolith” earned from in-game adventures can be used to purchase SUTER tokens. The owners of Suter's Anonymous punk NFT will get tier-2 starships for free and has a daily cosmic black hole loot save.

More information will be released in a later announcement. Please stay tuned.

Project statistics



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