Measurements taking

Everything is slowly going to somewhere. What I mean by that is the step by step movement to the final goal:

This is my inspiration. Thank you dude!

Ofcourse it is not ready yet but I am going there. Recently I got the rear frame and the new slashcut exhaust.

Slash cut 19" and the rear loop frame

So the most critical part is the seat. In my previous posts I did mentioned the mind process of how to do this. It seems like I found the best option. Currently I am in touch with Chinese maker who promised they make the seat for me. So today I did take some proper measurements and send the email. Communication is so far ok so lets see.

As you can see its pretty well annotated so anyone can get the sense of what the dimensions are. The difference between the original and cut length will be 15 mm. Which is not much but I just want it to be slightly bigger then the original. Its a two seater so why not.

The last thing to mention is that friday 28.4.2017 I started my first moto lesson as I dont have the driving licence for bikes above 125 cm. It was cool and cant wait to ride my City Demon nahahah.

Speak soon!

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