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SV TCL’s Trio is a reliable solution for advanced wafer testing challenges, specifically full array and parallel probing. We offer a complete line of vertical probe card products, each designed for your unique application.

- 20K+ Probes

- Flat or Pointed Tip Shapes

- Variety of Build Options

- High Density

- Multiple Die

- Matrix Array

- Applications

- Flip Chip Bump

- Memory

- Microprocessor

- Logic

The Trio also has the capability of utilizing a variety of Space Transformer (ST) interconnects. Available Space Transformers include Multi-Layer Organic/Multi-Layer Ceramic (MLO/MLC), Wired, Direct Attach and our newest ST innovation, the Modular Space TransformerTM, an all-inclusive interconnect and contactor in one compact unit. It allows internal components, has excellent electrical performance, and is design flexible — all of which create a lower cost of probe card ownership.

Contact your SV TCL & Associates Probe Company China Japan Europe Representative so we can help you find the right Trio product for your vertical testing needs.

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