An Open Letter from Crypto Community to Twitter: End the Hypocrisy (#SaveTwitter)

Jul 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Jack Dorsey,

Spam and suspicious accounts have become an unfortunate cornerstone in social media. Twitter Inc. appears to be at the forefront.

In mid-2018, Twitter made a discernible decision to improve “conversational health” for all users of the platform by purging the network of suspicious and dormant accounts. We commend this effort for the impact it will have on sentiment of Twitter’s legitimacy and accuracy, as it positively affects all individuals and organizations relying on the platform.

Twitter has been at the cusp of social-media technology, innovation and information sharing for years. The power of Twitter is arguably in its ability to empower a global community of users around ideas and shared interests. However, the inability to fully address spam bots and maliciously false accounts is diluting the power of the platform for all companies, organizations and private individuals involved in the spaces of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. These accounts impersonate legitimate users, create scams and false giveaways, and falsify information in the public domain that distracts away from genuine information sharing.

Legitimate Twitter accounts of cryptocurrency and blockchain users and businesses, such as Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, and the parties involved in this statement, are unable to keep up with the torrent of maliciously falsified spam users and bots being created under the guise of their username. A majority of influential figures and organizations are forced to submit dozens upon dozens of reports on impersonator accounts on a daily basis, never making an impact and only seeing the total cumulative number of false accounts climb.

Twitter’s public stance on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies is inconsistent and ambiguous. At a time when companies and individuals, even not-for-profits intent on educating individuals, are barred from advertising to interested participants via Twitter, it is not just hypocritical, but shameful that the company allows these spam bots and false accounts to exist and rampantly scam users, while spreading misinformation.

We believe that Twitter is in a very powerful position to lead the world in establishing precedences. Not just on how a massive social media technology and network can systematically eliminate, or even drastically reduce, misinformation from being spread to the public, but simultaneously protecting their own users.

At every obstacle, the cryptocurrency and blockchain market has proven itself to prevail time and time again. By not containing these issues, Twitter is failing to live up to the standards it attempted to put in place when banning crypto-related advertisements. Therefore, we would like to invite Twitter and its partners to create these standards with us, so that we may effectively protect the public and accelerate innovation. Innovation cannot be done in silos; it cannot be done without communication.

In solidarity,




CZ (CEO of Binance)

Charlie Shrem

Crypto Rand









Tradunity Company

Storj Labs

SLP Network


Jason Duval

Smart Picks





Samuel Harrison

Icelandic Blockchain Foundation

Aventus Protocol Foundation

Quebec Blockchain

Chris Hunichen


Interested parties contact Chris McClure (Svandis) at



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