Svandis Technical Roadmap

The Svandis team has completed a great amount of work so far, but we’re not stopping here. Below you can find a technical roadmap for 2019, summarizing our plans on developing the Svandis platform.

Q1 — Q2 2019

User Testing

  • It is important for a beta software project to undergo rigorous user testing. The project is hosted at for test users.
  • A/B testing and observing how the user interacts with the software is important. During this phase we are evaluating the MVP and what changes need to be made for a go-to market strategy from a technical perspective

Concept Validation

  • With large amount of code and features created, the technical team will analyze how to best combine functionalities moving forward and re prioritize user epics Svandis wishes to accomplish before go to market.

Svandis Widget

  • The newsfeed and important cryptocurrency information will be available via a widget. In this quarter development started on the widget which will be available through the Svandis front end.
  • Developers will be able to integrate the Svandis widget into their existing website with HTML code available to access the widget.

Q3 2019

Release version of Svandis MVP

  • The MVP for Svandis built on will move forward to a release version. Public users will be able to create an account with Svandis.
  • The first users will be able to use Svandis as a newsfeed source for their cryptocurrency information. They will have access to a large array of up to date opinion based articles.
  • Improvements for the onboarding tour onto the blockchain. Users connecting their social media accounts will achieve a higher reputation on the network.
  • Tokensale Screeners built by the Internal Svandis Team will be available to users.
  • Alt Coin Information will be available and allow users to see up to date information of price, volume, price swings.
  • Users are be able to onboard into the blockchain and gain the decentralized identity, to get ready for them to submit data to the consensus mechanism. More information about blockchain transactions and consensus decisions will be available to ecosystem participants.
  • Decentralized blockchain identity is based on EIP 725 and 735 protocols. These include key management options for users and signing of claims on the blockchain to enable rewards for users verifying their social media.
  • The newsfeed will filter information and allow for customization of the Svandis dashboard and widget.

Beta Version of Data Mining App

  • The data mining app will be available to beta users, for testing on their own machines.
  • Svandis will test scaling out the socket server and aggregating content from a large database of cryptocurrency information sources.

Q4 2019

Backend Consensus Activated

  • The backend will have its consensus code ready so that users can submit new or changed Tokensale Screener or Alt Coin Screener information.
  • Users will submit new data or data that has been identified by the Svandis internal team. The platform will be updated with the information that meets the consensus.
  • Quantitative data such as token sale caps, number of tiers, rate per ETH or USD will be the first information available for users, with qualitative string or concept based data coming later on.
  • The information will be submitted to the blockchain after a certain period. Consensus will be proven as the users will submit confidential signed data structures that only they could have created to the platform.

User Rewards Activated

  • The microraiden microtransactions will be generated for users who contribute to the platform by submitting signed structured data to consensus.
  • Users using the data mining app will receive token microtransaction token rewards for content successfully found and scraped from web sources.

Release version of Data Mining App

  • Users will be able to use the data mining app to contribute to the Svandis platform. This will increase the velocity at which new information is available on the Newsfeed from a large quantity of opinion based news sources.
  • Token awards will be available to users offering their computing resources to the Svandis ecosystem.

Mobile Responsive Web App

  • The front end currently available in Angular will be ported to also be available on mobile operating systems.
  • Having the Svandis app more accessible will empower cryptocurrency enthusiasts and allow them to receive the latest cryptocurrency information in the moment it happens.
  • Optional notifications will allow users to set alerts when important events like catalysts occur. Such events can inform traders and allow them to make educated economic decisions in the cryptocurrency space.