Forever Fly Team — Developing a Class Experience Sharing Website

Hello, this is Hello from Forever Fly team. We are always flying and adjusting ourselves.

Our initial goal is to develop a class experience and textbook exchange system, and originally I thought that students can share useful class information and get credits which can be used to exchanged for textbook with cheaper price through my website.

However, after meeting with mentors, I adjusted my idea a little and decided to do the class experience sharing part first. I adjusted my idea for two reasons. First, I there is a bigger demand for useful class experience exchange, which will benefit especially those undergraduate students who just enter the university. Secondly, as the mentor William pointed out, the textbook exchange system might not work well before the volume of my visitors reaches a certain level.

After interviewing some students, I figured out that there is a need of college students for class information sharing website for those who just attend the university. Also, I found one of the problem is how to encourage the students who previously in the class to share their experience with prospective student who will attend the class. After my brainstorming with other college students during the interview, they suggested me to give those contributors some reward and gifts.

By the end of this week, my team will interview more students in order to narrow down and find the specific students group we can start this website with. We will also decide a way which both encourages the interaction between students and encourages the student to share more useful class experience, thought, and information.

Always flying and adjusting ourselves! Wish you all best luck!

Yuan Yuan and all the team members.

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