Hi. I’m Svilen

I’m an inventor, designer, and futurist- born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria. I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts from VCU ( #1 U.S. public art program) and currently live outside of Washington D.C. where I help businesses reach their potential by solving complex product and design challenges.

My work and myself have been featured in…

My work

Sophos Home- cybersecurity company that uses A.I. to protect the people and files you care about. I lead product design and UX efforts.

Invincea- cybersecurity startup that applies A.I. to protect major enterprises and government agencies. I was director of design and oversaw product features alongside the branding and identity of new products.

uCampaign- The gamified advocacy app that has been used by Donald Trump’s campaign (no prior knowledge or personal affiliation) and other major political organization. I led all design efforts, including gamification mechanisms.(Case study)

InGo- Social event marketing platform which organically grows event by word of mouth. I designed from the ground up, full time. (Case study)

Resonate Insights- marketing analytics firms which uses big data and machine learning to understand consumer’s psychology, beliefs and values to enable more tailored advertisement.

My Inventions

I invent concepts for products and experiences ranging from reimagining the mundane, to protecting fundamental human rights:

I invented Rubix Toolkit, the brainstorming framework for disruptive startup ideas and innovative solutions, which has been downloaded in over 25 countries. Go download it, it’s free!

Rap Genius 2.0

What if we could quantify literary device in hip hop lyrics? The project went viral in early 2015 as it hit #1 on Reddit, and Behance. It led me to doing interviews with Complex’ Green Label and MassAppeal


A keyboard app to protect your identity from stylometric analysis:

My Writing

I’ve been writing about innovation and design since the early 2010’s and have climbed to Top Writer on Medium for both categories, 2 years in a row.

I write about Design philosophy…

…I share my knowledge and experiences:

… discuss the neuroscience, psychology and physiology of design:

…I also explore implications and solutions of emerging technologies:

Articles retweeted by Core77, General Assembly, Marvel, Smashing Magazine, Muzli, Sidebar, etc.

My Films

I create short video essays about potential problems and solutions posed by disruptive technologies on my channel Disruption Theory:

Feel free to drop me a line and say hi, seriously.