iOS AirPods Sharing Concept

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2 min readFeb 28, 2018


Music is Meant to be Shared

The AirPods are arguable one of Apple’s best products, their simplicity and intuitiveness make them an essential daily device. However one disadvantage is the lack of ability to share music with friends. Back in the 3.5mm analog days, this was accomplished with a headphone splitter like this one:

You might be thinking that nobody ever uses those, and you’d probably be right: nobody likes to be tied with tangling wires to their friend. And that’s exactly why this presents an interesting opportunity for social experiences: watching movies on a plane, listening to audiobooks, or just enjoying the same song when hiking with a friend.

The good news is that this is easily achievable with an iOS software update that could enable users to share their iPhone or iPad’s audio with multiple friends who also have AirPods:

Behind the Scenes

One of my favorite parts of the creative process is the visual exploration once I’ve defined a concept. It’s a free-flowing exercise to put my ideas on paper (or screen in this case:)

This project was originally published on March 11, 2017