MONA : The Artificially Intelligent Fashion Designer | Concept

MONA is a conceptual fashion experiment I explored in early 2016 that challenges traditional fashion and economic conventions. My intention was to prove that algorithms could create interesting and meaningful art on par with large fashion brands. The goal was to create a phenotype for the futurists and creators while simultaneously funding scientific organizations like the SENS foundation. Unfortunately MONA was never fully realized as it proved too costly of an experiment to indulge.

Scientific Inspiration > Arbitrary Design

Rather than elitist designers dictating what’s in style every season, MONA turns to scientific and technological concepts for visual inspiration

Infinite Variety

The same fashion collections are sold to the same stores, and everybody ends up wearing the same clothes. Generative algorithms could be the antidote to mass uniformity by ensuring no two garments are ever alike.

Aesthetic Democratization

Each garment has a unique source code; purchasing decisions determine which aesthetic DNA is passed onto future generations as buyers steer its creative evolution.

Intellectual Gatekeeping

To preserve the integrity of the brand, users must solve puzzles, riddles and uncover secret locations to be granted purchasing access on the dark web with cryptocurrencies.

Combating Cultural Inflation

Originators of trends are rewarded as a garment’s price is proportionally increased with it’s popularity.

Cryptographic Authenticity

Upon purchase, the garment’s source code will be cryptographically embedded in the blockchain as a mathematical certificate of authenticity and then transferred to the buyer.


As a way of giving back, a percentage of all profit will be donated to the SENS foundation.

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