SVPER Advisor: Khalid Cook

Khalid Cook is the Chief Executive Officer of HostSailor, a highly 
successful and growing webhosting company, based in Dubai. With more 
than 17yrs of IT & Webhosting experience, including that from the early 
days of mIRC, the challenges that the industry faces today are embraced 
by Khalid and addressed with unrelenting enthusiasm.

Hostsailor is pioneering many new technological applications and 
industry firsts, inclusive of blockchain technology, that with Khalid’s 
leadership will elevate Hostsailor to the industries top tiers.


In a world devoid of privacy, Khalid is determined to help bring new 
technological opportunities to market and make them available to all, 
with the goal to promote a ‘new internet experience’ where true data 
security, user privacy and an internet without boundaries becomes the norm.

The blockchain and crypto world did not focus on social media and dating, 
therefore I see a lot of potential for SVPER to lead the market in that 
regard, not only that but they do have a new and unique idea.
The fact that SVPER focuses on making sure scams, and frauds are 
non-existent in the social media world as well as making sure the term 
“catfish” is no longer a worry for people on dating and social media 
sites gives me a trust as an end-user, and as an advisor I do have high 
trusts in their team structure and I see a good backup from investors to 
lead their project to the next level. — Khalid Cook