SVPER Bounty Program

SVPER has launched a bounty program that has gotten a massive response so far. There are still a lot of SVP-Tokens to be redeemed, so don’t miss out on the Token Event of the year, and join the Bounty Program now!


1. How do I register to the Bounty Program

Sign up with Gleam and complete the actions as listed. They are quite simple but if you have any issues just send us an e-mail to

Create an account on PELIKAN where you will need to connect your ERC-20 compatible wallet.

NB! Please use the same email when registering to PELIKAN as the one you used when Registering for the Bounty Program!

2. How do I see the actions I have taken, and how many SVP-Tokens I have collected?

You will have full control over your actions and gained SVP-Tokens during the Airdrop on your Gleam profile but NOT on your Pelikan account. The tokens will be issued to your wallet within 6 weeks after the successful end of Token Sale (Nov. 30th 2018), therefore it is normal that your Pelikan account counts 0 (zero) tokens.

3. What are Public and Private Keys?

Your Ethereum (ERC-20 compatible) Public Key is the key that will allow us to send you the tokens you earned after the end of our ICO. You can also refer to that as your wallet address. Do NOT send your private key because it is private, and we will never ask you for this information.

4. Ups, I registered the wrong Wallet Address, what do I do?

No problem! Just send us a mail to regarding the correction and we will change it for you.

5. Do I need to pass KYC?

Yes, when you want to issue your tokens after the SVPER ICO, you will have to pass KYC. You can do it already now by providing a valid ID (Passport) to the Pelikan Platform. Please, if you have any issues, contact us directly.

6. I have Referred the SVPER Bounty Program for extra SVP-Tokens, why can I not see these tokens?

You will only receive SVP-tokens from the referral when your friend/contact actually signs up to the Bounty Program too!

Wait, I still have more questions!

Any questions regarding the SVPER Bounty Program or referral system can be sent to

Any other inquiry can be sent to / Or in the SVPER - ICO Telegram Group.

Hope to see you around, and best of luck:)

-The SVPER Team-