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Blockchain Advisory Expert, Ian Scarffe, Joins Swace Advisory Board

Blockchain-based social medium startup, Swace, adds a new advisory member.

Swace, the first blockchain-based social media

Swace, the world’s first blockchain-based social medium built around social gaming and NFT, delightfully announces the joining of a new advisory member on their team. Swace development and unique mission and vision attracted highly reputable international advisors, Ian being the newest member on board. Ian Scarffe brings extensive experience within the Investment and Blockchain markets to support Swace business development process.

Swace is actively seeking to change the landscape of online engagement by introducing Swace app on both iOS and Android. Swace’s vision of a social medium is one that promotes real-time engagement and incorporates the latest innovation such as NFT into the platform. Fundraising will support ongoing development and scaling as Swace begins its global reach.

“As a highly experienced and seasoned Blockchain Advisor, Ian’s expertise will be an asset to Swace and its continued global expansion,” said Swace Chief Executive Officer, Dovydas Riasnojus.

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain Advisory Expert, Ian Scarffe, Joins Swace Advisory Board

Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies.

“I have been following Swace for some time now and found great potential in their platform and the future it holds,” Ian said.

A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies.

Ian’s overall mission is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens, contributing to the improvement of their communities around the world.

www.ianscarffe.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianscarffe

About Swace

Swace is a blockchain-based social gaming platform where users gain rewards for engaging with brands. Established in 2018, the young team aims at revolutionizing the online engagement industry. Swace is the new age of how consumers and brands interact by enabling brands to create unique and original social games that users gain rewards from playing. Swace app, public testing to be available on both iOS and Android soon, has already attracted a number of large enterprise partners in Europe.

Press Contact:

Ehab Abaideen, Swace

Phone: +37064515889

Email: e.abaideen@swace.io

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