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Swace App is Available for 100 iOS Testers

Swace is building the world’s most engaging social gaming and media platform.

We are inviting our community to join us in testing Swace App!

Be amongst the first to try a revolutionary approach to online engagement and get your hands on Swace Beta app.

Swace App Testing is now available for 100 iOS users


Join our exclusive iOS tester community and be rewarded with limited NFT badge ‘Swacer for Life’ that will be displayed with pride on your Swace account for the future. In addition to the badge, you will receive SWACE tokens.

How to Join Our Exclusive Tester Community?

To join, check our social media announcements on each of the platforms listed at the bottom of this post. Follow, like the latest posts and comment on them.
Additionally, sign up for the invitation by filling this form:
https://forms.gle/ogdaxpKNeKbuNme47. If you don’t have a Gmail to fill this survey, message us on our social media channels.

Reward Tiers

Average Tester — 1000 SWACE tokens. An average tester is everyone that joins and tests the app with us and report any bugs.

Pro Tester — 1250 SWACE tokens. A pro tester is everyone that tests the app, reports issues and shares screenshots and information about it in their social media profiles and tag us.

Tester Pro Max — 1750 SWACE tokens. Tester Pro Max is everyone that does the above and additionally invites their friends they think that might be interested to follow us on social media and join the exclusive tester community.


The top 10 most active testers will receive limited edition NFT badge ‘Swacer for Life’ drop

What is Swace App

Swace app is carefully designed to be marketers’ most engaging tool, and consumers’ best friend. Swace’s vision of a social medium is one that promotes real-time engagement and enables consumers to complete games, compete in challenges, and get rewarded, real-value rewards that are worth their time.

Share content and earn money online; Swace App

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Swace is a unique, blockchain-based social gaming application which rewards its users for engaging with and advertising associated brands in a fun and interactive way. Via the Swace app, any brand, product, or service provider can launch a social gaming campaign.

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