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Swace NFT Artist Club — Join the Elites in NFT Space and Create Unmatched work

Today is a day unlike any other! We have just released our public Beta app, Swace 0.9 version. With the Swace app publicly available, you are given the proper space to use social media as a productive tool, instead of one that mostly consumes your time for not much if any rewards.

We say, Swace app is consumers’ best friend. That isn’t entirely a marketing thing to trick you. It is what we believe in. The app, unlike most social media, is designed to generate value and help you optimize your time to earn money as you go about your usual day.

Swace App is Live to Offer Brands Higher Engagement and Activation Through Social Games and NFT

Earn Crypto with Swace App

Swace App features social games that are launched by global brands requesting user actions. These actions for now, simply submit a moment of your day for each task as specified by the partner and earn a number of SWACE tokens. To learn more about Swace app, please go here.

Swace NFT Artist Club

We recognize how important and innovative NFTs have become and we want our audience to be able to utilize Swace app for NFT as well. It is with our thinking of our audience that we created Swace NFT Artist Club.

What is the NFT Artist Club?

Swace partners with global brands to launch social games, and additionally, we partner with brands to give you, the NFT artists, the opportunity to work with your favorite brands to create mind-blowing branded NFTs.

In summary, there are three parties involved. One and at the core of the club, NFT artists. Second party is our amazing partners. Third party is us, the club.

How to Join Swace NFT Artist Club

Swace NFT Artist Club is an exclusive club for international artists and creatives. The club is invite-only. For now, we’re launching a new game on the Swace app labelled ‘Swace NFT Artist Club’. If you play the game, you are entitled to a reward of up to 10,000 SWACE tokens, and the chance to get the mega prix. of receiving an invite to Swace NFT Artist Club.

To create an account, please head to the App Store or Google Play, search for Swace, and download the app. You can also find it here for iOS and Android.

  • Register an account with your email
  • Validate it by clicking on the validation link sent to your inbox
  • Log in and fill in some information about yourself

You’re done!

After registration, you are able to navigate the app and find the games tab in the footer of the app interface. In there, you will find the game ‘I am NFT Artist’ and future games. We will release 2 more soon.

Artists are the Priority — You Earn the Most Out Of Your NFT Creations

As we’re still in Beta versions and establishing all the protocols in the startup from the grounds-up, we are flexible in our profit-sharing model for our club. Our main focus and mission over here is to put the artists first. Meaning, the biggest cut of the NFT price after it’s sold will go to you, the artist!

As we partner with more brands and discuss the profit-sharing model with them and our artists, we will decide on a case-by-case scenario of how to distribute the profits of the sold NFTs.

What we aim for is artist first, brand second, and us last. We’re not greedy, we want your success!

Build Up your Portfolio on Swace NFT Artist Club

Working with international brands will provide you a lot more than monetary rewards.

  • Get further exposure as a creative and NFT artist
  • Join in an exclusive international club
  • Work closely with highly reputable brands
  • Network and explore and widen your reach

Join the Elites in NFT Space

Swace NFT Artist Club is your space to collaborate with great brands and create captivating NFTs. You can build strong working relationships with fellow artists and brands and reap the benefits of these relationships. Create your account and join the club now.

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