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Swace Monthly Scope — June 2021

The Monthly Scope. Swace, June 2021.

This is a new series of articles that we will attempt to share monthly about all the latest happenings.

Let’s start with this month, during June, we’ve had so much work to develop the app, modify and get it approved on the App Store, and a lot more.

Let’s start with networking news.

Swace Pitching at HYPE Sports Innovation

Last week, on Wednesday, June 23, we’ve been chosen to present Swace for a jury of innovators at HYPE Sports Innovation. Prior to the pitch, we’ve submitted our application among tens others and were among the ones that made the best impressions to present Swace in more depth to the Jury. We’re waiting to hear back from them and we’ll be presenting Swace to top sports brands.

Swace has been chosen to pitch for Marks & Spencer at Mad//Fest

Swace Pitching for Marks & Spencer at Mad//Fest

We have also received an invitation to attend and pitch Swace at Mad//Fest, and we’ve been chosen yet again to present Swace to Marks & Spencer. We’re also looking to present Swace to other major brands too at the event including but not limited to Pizza Hut.

We’re so excited to be recognized by great and wonderful teams all over the world! Let’s switch things to team news!

Lesley Salazar Joins Swace as Brand Manager

Swace Team Expands

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people — Steve Jobs.

Our team is our identity! At Swace, we value inclusion and freedom to foster innovation and growth. By the end of May, we’ve onboarded Ian Scarffe, a highly reputable blockchain advisor. Ian is helping us achieve our goals and grow further with great presence.

Further, we’ve also onboarded Lesley Salazar as our Brand Manager in the UK. Lesley has worked in several fields and excelled in all her roles in marketing and community building. Lesley has already played a big role for our networking events and re-thinking what is Swace and how to approach the project.

Please welcome Ian and Lesley on our social media channels and await our further growth! Moving on to technical news.

Swace app 1.0 is submitted on the App Store and Google Play

Swace App

We’ve submitted our Beta and stable version app on both the App Store and Google Play store. It is with great pleasure that we say, we’ve been approved on both and Swace app launch is imminent. We are still testing it and fixing any bugs we see, and soon, you’ll be able to help us with that!

We’ve also finalized three games to launch after the app release! These games are going to be your first chance to use Swace for what’s intended for, rewarding everyone for their time. No longer do you need to be an influencer to earn for sharing.

Swace NFT Artist Club

Our biggest game will be titled ‘I am NFT Artist’. This game is designed to be the first game for NFT artists and creatives to join our new and upcoming Swace NFT Artist Club!

The club is where we allow creatives join, communicate, and collaborate on designing exclusive NFTs branded for their favorite brands. Of course, rewards is our DNA, and so, our artists will be rewarded for their efforts and possibly more depending on the agreements with brands.

We have so much more to share, but we’ll keep some for later. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels to never miss a beat!



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