🌧️ devSwag #6β€Šβ€”β€Š#Swagtoberfest is in FullΒ Swing

Swag is in theΒ Air

We just crossed 3000 stars on GitHub and have been Featured on Changelog Weekly. Thank you everyone for your kind support! πŸ™

It’s raining swag!
Here are SIX new swag opportunities:

  1. Auth0
    Have one accepted pull request in a qualifying Auth0 Github project in October 2018 and receive a kickass 2018 Hacktoberfest t-shirt courtesy of the awesome Auth0 team, along with a psychedelic Auth0 sticker pack!
  2. OpenEBS
    Have one accepted pull request in an OpenEBS repository during October 2018 to earn an OpenEBS t-shirt and stickers. The best PR will also receive a laptop.
  3. Twilio
    Complete the first set of objectives in Twilio Quest and get a Twilio Quest t-shirt right to your door.
  4. SendGrid
    Five accepted pull results from SendGrid will qualify you for a special edition SendGrid Hacktoberfest T-shirt.
  5. Hasura
    Submit a PR to Hasura’s GraphQL Engine repo in October 2018 and get a Hasura sticker pack. If your PR to an issue tagged as β€˜hacktoberfest’ gets merged, you also get a Hasura t-shirt!
  6. Nexmo
    Make one pull request in October 2018 to any Nexmo Repository, earn a limited edition #nextoberfest T-shirt!

You can keep tabs on all of the #hacktoberfest swag opportunities at our new dedicated URL: devswag.io/hacktoberfest
You can also filter items based on tags (like accessories, clothing, device, stickers, etc.)!

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You can find the complete list on GitHub: https://github.com/swapagarwal/swag-for-dev

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