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Swag Rules (And Employees Do Too)

Great swag is often spontaneous. But it can also be scheduled.

In this post, I am bolding a few of the Swag Rules — you can see them all here.

Creating a Momentum Meeting

Every quarter we host an All-Company Meeting and spend a lot of time planning the agenda and content. The two-hour meeting is a critical business touchpoint as well as space to create excitement around our brand; making it a perfect opportunity to build momentum and practice the Swag Rules.

We invest equal time on the employee swag box and send it a day or two before the meeting. It’s something that everyone looks forward to and builds organic anticipation around the call.

Used with permission

Box Building

For each All Company meeting, we create a unique box and plan the swag for the next one immediately afterwards while we’re still in a creative mindset.

Typically, we include:

· Something to wear (helpful for a Zoom call)

· Something to use (seasonal)

· Something cool (varies wildly!)

We also send the box to our Board of Directors, Industry Advisory Board and a handful of other folks — it’s an easy way to consistently show gratitude for their support.

The actual box is also an investment — it creates an experience that honors what’s inside.

Hat Tip: Our employee boxes are packed and shipped by GiftSuite and we love working with Sangita! GiftSuite is a BIPOC, female-led and LGBTQIA-friendly company actively supporting other innovative start-ups, small businesses, and artisans. This aligns with our values.

So Who Wins?

All of our employees are winners of course! In addition to the employee boxes, we also let award winners and contest winners from the meeting pick cool items from the Nymbus Swag Store (yes, that is a real thing).

Our most popular employee box was Summer 2021 (the handheld fan shows fiber optic messaging when it’s on!):

Our most popular swag store item at the moment is:

Nymbus Chucks by Jeremy Lacin

What’s Next?

We are starting to incorporate customer swag into our employee boxes — strengthening our relationship approach by having all 500+ employees represent the financial brands we love. And, we want to try out having a little something for Nymbus Kids (maybe even pets) as well.

Looking for Shoes?

That post is here.


We’ve noticed a trend on giving books to employees and we carry several in our swag store. Our partner Sangita, at GiftSuite, came up with a great idea to create a custom bookmark (versus an enclosed card) for when you send these out.



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Allison Netzer

Allison Netzer

Allison Netzer is a CMO, Boy Mom and one of the Top 25 Women Leaders in Fintech. She writes on brand, marketing and strategy for financial services and beyond.