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Swag Rules (in Customer Meetings)

Presenting to existing customers is the perfect time to try something new!

In this post, I am bolding a few of the Swag Rules — you can see them all here.

What we have covered so far:

We’ve talked about skateboards, shoes and fiber optic fans — as well as a (hopefully) helpful framework for building your own momentum strategy with swag. This week I want to talk about customer meetings and how to use the Swag Rules to stand out.

“A very boring meeting” by pawrsccouk is marked with CC BY 2.0.

A few months ago, we were preparing for a presentation about a new niche concept for an existing customer. In these situations, it can be easy to take things too casually since you are already partners, but meetings like this are high stake engagements and we were grateful our customer was open to us bringing the idea to them. Rather than coming in with a deck and demo, we took a more creative mindset and put together an IRL experience for our customer — having them see and feel what their potential customers are like.

This approach supports our story of creating growth for financial institutions through niche banking (aka an obsession with our customers’ customers) and we started small as there were only about 10 attendees.

So, What Did We Do?

We found 5 business owners that matched the niche and interviewed them over Zoom. Those Zoom interviews became short video clips in the presentation.

While the audience watched the clip and saw the related data and product pieces, they were able to experience something from the businesses being highlighted — like gourmet snacks and paper goods — as well as our passion around the project.

Incorporating swag into the presentation created a richer context as well as real commercial connections for all the businesses involved.

We do this regularly with our “niche boxes” we well. For our bank-in-a-box concept we developed an immersive demo experience with four niche banks that includes video, data and (you guessed it) swag.

What’s Next?

We’re working on a Spring Gift guide as well as a swag swap idea. I’ll do another post on Swag Rules with more examples of the framework in action and you can follow along on LinkedIn here and here.



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Allison Netzer

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