Bandwagon Mixes #2 — Dugs (Blood or Whiskey)

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Next on Bandwagon Mixes we have Blood or Whiskey’s Dugs Mullooly.

‘Blood or Whiskey’ are one of the rawest and best bands currently kicking out of Ireland, punk or otherwise. As we’ve covered here, their live show is one of the most vital shows going.

Forced to take a break, Blood or Whiskey stormed back to the live circuit in 2012. After an eight year hiatus, 2014 saw them release ‘Tell the truth and shame the devil’, their first album since 2005’s ‘Cashed out on culture’.

From the same album; check out ‘Gone and Forgotten’ on youtube

And one of our favourites for good measure ‘They say No’

In their own words;

Blood or Whiskey are celtic punk from Ireland, the Dubliners meets The Clash!”

Blood or Whiskey frontman Dugs kindly threw us together a list of a few of his favourite tracks for Xmas. There’s a bit of chat in there as to the whys and wherefores — have a listen — have a read.

1. Leatherface — Springtime

The reason why I picked springtime as a good friend of mine passed away recently and we both loved Frankie Stubbs and Leatherface and this song was a standout for the pair of us, so it’s a tip of the hat to him really and the fact every time I listen to it from now on I’m going to think of him.

2. The Cure — Jumping somebody else’s train

It’s a great song for starters and I love the whole vibe of it and how it flows along. The Cure are a great band with so many great songs but this is a personal fave of mine as it has that raw, new wave, punk but melodic feel.

3. Mama’s Boys — Needle in the groove

I just love this song plain and simple. It has one of those repetitive riffs and choruses that you never get tired of. Other songs have that also, and get right under your skin in annoying way but not ‘Needle in the groove’, I could keep it on the needle all day and not get tired of it, and it’s an Irish gem also,

4. Cardiacs — fiery gun hand

Ah the Cardiacs, a lesson in musicianship concentration. What can I say about this band to do ’em justice? They are brilliant for starters and way out there, but also the skill and the execution of the playing in the songs is unbelievable. This song isn’t one of their more far-out tunes but it’s far-out enough to show their musicianship and what great songsmiths these boys were and just what they were capable of conjuring up.

5. The Organ — Brother

When I first heard this it was in some dive bar in Hamburg when I was on a mini-tour with Blood or Whiskey. I was taken back by it, thinking it was an obscure Cure B-side I missed along the way and I also very drunk at the same time, but I asked the DJ who this was and from then on have been going through their back catalogue and being blown away. I picked this song, as this was the one I first heard and it got me hooked so it may get others hooked also

6. Desmond Dekker — Get up Edina

Who doesn’t love a bit of Ska and Reggae in their collection? This is just another great song with a hooky as fuck chorus.

7. The Stranglers — North wind blows

The Stranglers are a great band period, regardless of what bracket people put them in. They’re still writing great albums, but this is one of a lesser known tunes out of them and love the melon collie feel to it, especially with the haunting chorus.

8. The Adicts — Put yourself hand in my hands

I think this came out about 1986 and The Adicts where trying to keep relevant and go a bit more poppy. Basically go with the pop sounds of the day but still keep a bit of a punk edge. It came of the album ‘Fifth Overture’ and got slated by their fans when it first came out, but now you listen to it and it’s an album full of gems and this one is my faves on it and it grabs you where it hurts when the chorus kicks in.

9. Angelic Upstarts — Women in disguise

I picked this one as I have fond memories of touring with them in Germany and Poland many years back and Mensi, and Ton Van and Cast Iron, who are from red alert were also on that tour and they are just the biggest piss takers you will ever meet and if you cant take a slagging you have better get out of their way. So I picked it for that reason; of fond memories of the lads and also it’s about maggie Thatcher and all her fucked up policies

10. Chaka Khan — Ain’t nobody

Just a straight out great song and a total guilty pleasure and that’s why I picked that, no better reason.

11. Lords of the new church — dance with me

The lords, well, Stiv Bators was the singer and was one of them real deal punk rockers from the punk NYC scene who lived it as he sung it and I just love the song plain and simple. A dance floor filler if you ever hear it at a club, it’s a song with a great vibe to it.

12. Mark Knophler — Irish boy

Well Mark Knophler is a genius on the guitar plain and simple. But a lot of people don’t know his other side and this is the side I’m talking about. This is a haunting air that any tunesmith from Eire would be proud of and came from the film ‘Cal’ about the troubles in the north in the ’80s. It’s up there with ‘The Lonesome Boatman’ as haunting airs go in my book, so for that reason I picked it,.

13. The replacements — Left of the dial

Well, just back from 2 month tours of America and Canada and we warmed up backstage with this song every night to get the vocal chords going and the blood flowing, and its basically about bands that are on the road so I related to this a lot just recently and its a gem of a song so it went into the playlist as its fresh in my mind.

14. Dusty Springfield — Going back

It’s a beautiful song and Dusty sings it perfectly. I think she does it better than the original, which is a big statement. It also reminds me of the Xmas ad from the ’80s I think it was for the E.S.B. and as it’s Xmas sure a bit of sentiment isn’t a bad thing especially around Xmas.

“So that’s the lot, I could have picked millions of songs and this is no way my all time faves either, just a little playlist I quickly put together, hope ya’ like it. Happy Xmas to all.”

- Dugs 
 Blood or Whiskey’s website 
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Originally published at 1/12/2014