Chris Moss Acid — Righteous Acid Beats EP [Music Reviews]

On the 18th of September, Belfast label, Computer Controlled Records drop Righteous Acid Beats, Chris Moss Acid’s new EP.

I’m not saying you should buy it — but you should probably buy it.

It’s available on Decks.De, and Juno and likely also Boomkat and the others. Before postage the listed price on Juno is €8.56 for the 12” vinyl.

“Spatial Dimensions” is a great opener, dark and with a brooding acid infused build. I can also hear some strong echoes to Moss’ excellent 2012 release Sub 2 — which, if you don’t have, you need to get. But more on that in a moment.

Picking up the pace and the kick “The Shamen” follows. Like a lot of Moss’ work, it manages to keep a firm grasp on the old school, almost sounding at times like a rediscovered gem from a decade or two ago. At the same time, sounding new and fresh. With a delicately used sample driving it, it’s a solid slice of dark acid techno that would fit anywhere and like “Spatial Dimensions” will likely find a home in a lot of sets and bags.

“What Size Is Your Jack?” closes side A and features the rare talents of EDMX — an odd-beat acid bass woven track of surprises, it is worth the price of the release alone.

Side B whacks into the eponymous “Righteous Beats” with sinew tight decayed drums before bass tips it off into a fall up a set of melty acid stairs. Expansive, it could easily find a place in old school Hip Hop and Electro sets as it would dance and techno and anywhere else.

The slightly hypnotic “Getchu” closes the EP and is probably my favourite track on the release.

Right… now that’s done…

Excuse me Madam/Sir/Bavarian Hunting Otter…

Do you have a moment to talk about the deep and epic tones of Sub 2?

Chris Moss Acid’s haunting, soothing and delicate cut of Submarine centered acid touched ambient electronica?

I rarely hear anyone mention this diamond and that’s a shame as it’s splendid. Something I may go to looking to play one track from and almost always end up playing the whole thing.

Here’s my favourite track from it -

Computer Controlled Records

Chris Moss Acid Bandcamp

Originally published at 15/09/2015