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Annea Lockwood: A composer and sound artist in the media age

Here is a wonderful talk with Annea Lockwood. A favourite of mine.

From Wikipedia -

“She taught electronic music at Vassar College. Her work often involves recordings of natural found sounds. She has also recorded Fluxus-inspired pieces involving burning or drowning pianos. Her compositions feature non-conventional instruments such as glass tubing used in “The Glass Concert” (1967) which was published in Source: Music of the Avant Garde then recorded and released by Tangent records. Her series “Piano Transplants” utilized burning, drowning, or planting pianos in locations in the United Kingdom or United States.”

“During the 1970s and ’80s she turned her attention to performance works focused on environmental sounds and life-narratives, often using low-tech devices such as her Sound Ball, containing six small speakers and a receiver, designed by Robert Bielecki for Three Short Stories and an Apotheosis, in which the ball is rolled, swung on a long cord and passed around the audience. World Rhythms, A Sound Map of the Hudson River, Delta Run, built around a conversation she recorded with the sculptor, Walter Wincha, who was close to death, and other works were widely presented in the US, Europe and in New Zealand.

Since the early 1990s, she has written for a number of ensembles and solo performers, often incorporating electronics and visual elements. Thousand Year Dreaming is scored for four didgeridus, conch shell trumpets and other instruments and incorporates slides of the cave paintings at Lascaux. Duende, a collaboration with baritone Thomas Buckner, carries the singer into a heightened state, similar to a shamanic journey, through the medium of his own voice. Ceci n’est pas un piano for piano, video and electronics merges images from the Piano Transplants with Jennifer Hymer’s musings on her hands and pianos she has owned, her voice being sent through, and colored by the piano strings” ..From Lockwood’s own website

Check this out, watch it, it’s a wonderful talk, and sonically fascinating.

More information about Annea Lockwood can be found on her website