Eccentric Genius (Soundcloud Review)

Continuing a rummage through Soundcloud accounts.

Here is Eccentric Genius.

I cannot remember how I found this account but it probably all traces back to the AFX hyper-sound-dump.

Specialising in potent ambient and dark ambient audio weaponry, Eccentric Genius had undertaken the track a day for a year challenge. So I asked Eccentric Genius to curate a list of a few of his tracks.

Kaden Harris has been in bands, written a book and worked with such luminaries as Mark Spybey of DVOA and Zoviet France and there is a much more informative interview with him here.

Tracks on the account are often open for download with 430 for grabs there is a deep underground ocean of ambient and dark ambient and weird to get sucked into.

Like some sort of pan-dimensional audio orchard belonging to a forgotten time. The sounds are separated into months they came from. Allowing for an interesting track of progression if you’re into over thinking things.

To keep it interesting, to keep it possible, Eccentric Genius has employed some strange methods of composition.

I mean…

Strange to some people.

They just sound bloody difficult to me, but then I can rarely remember if I have made coffee.

These methods include random number generators and chaos mathematics. Which, though it sounds obtuse, Eccentric Genius still says is easy than trying to wrangle six musicians to the same page in a free-improv environment.

Strange machines and computers, whatever are all the sources of Eccentric Genius sounds, the results are generally quality.

It is a Soundcloud to put on and drift off doing things to. Though at times it is also one where you can really feel the limitations of the near stone age, Internet from ten years ago stasis where Soundcloud’s api and dev has stalled.

There’s almost too much here.

And I think every corner of every type of ambient is successfully poked and felt out with spreading hands beneath the flesh.

Eccentric Genius curation ends here.

Check the account out, get lost for awhile, you might fall asleep at the really soothing parts…and remember…

If you die in your dreams, you die in real life.