Gas of Latvia Red Light Winter [2013]

It begins with a drone.

“Red Light Winter” is a soundtrack for a stage production of Adam Rapp’s drama by the same name (directed by Ilze Olinger, Riga New Theatre, 2008).
“It was recorded with analog synthesizer RMIF Opus (made in Latvia, in the eighties) and old soviet low-frequency signal generator.”
It can be described as a soundtrack for sex & loneliness.”

I discovered Gas of Lativa through a Muu Gallery exhibition and they’ve been a firm favourite since.

This is an incredibly calming release and perfect for writing to.

Gas of Latvia are one of my favourite things that I rarely mention to people.

“Music producer and composer Andris Indans has been an active musician since the late 80s; his project Gas of Latvia is one of the most significant experimental electronic music projects from Latvia.”

There is dystopian emptiness in this release that gives its own strange cathode tube warmth you can touch and roll around in knowing the only person you have to speak to is at the food dispensary and that is only if your vouchers are incorrect for that week.

“Gas of Latvia have recorded and released over 10 studio albums, each of them having a different vibe and sound — swithing it up from drone, noise, IDM to industrial music and techno, but still keeping their signature sound. Andris Indans is also writing music for films, video works, dance & theatre performances.”

The future happened whilst you were in the kitchen / park / at school and anyway you were busy / wearing a towel / not born / too young / not interested.

This is a wonderful release for whittling away the long hours of pixelated solitude whilst you surf the Internet looking for ways to steal things and pretend they are yours.

Provide money for the object / art / suffering

so that


Suffering / suffering / objects / art / suffering / emptiness / tower block isolation / suffering

can happen.