Mindcut08 - Myler - Dixies James

Started in 2013, Mindcut is the brainchild of Axel Sohns and I’ll probably be writing more about it later; it is enough to say that Mindcut (with the likes of Emetic, Earwiggle and Super Rhythm Trax) has been putting out some of the most essential techno in recent years. With not a single dud and releases featuring luminaries such as Jerome Hill, Sunil Sharpe, Ansome, TSR, Paul Birken, Dave Tarrida, Bleaching Agent and the mighty Crystal Distortion. Mindcuts run of quality is beginning to resemble the Undertaker’s Survivor Series run.

Irish born, Waterford based DJ & producer Myler kicks the door off its hinges for Mindcut08 “Dixies James EP”. As Pakt Booking tells; the “techno pervert” had an introduction to music, vinyl and djing that would cause many people to stare wistfully off into the middle distance with no small amount of envy.

“Myler’s passion for records stems from his introduction to DJing from his father in their purpose built DJing room and as he phrases it: “My father had a keen interest and had built a room in our house specifically for DJing and this was what initially got me hooked. It was a long time before CDJs so I was raised on vinyl & the culture associated with it.”

Dixie James thumps into being with Cold Without A Hood. If I could get away with just posting various gifs of clapping and a large font of “buy this” the review would probably stop here. The opening track kicks reminiscent of the best bits of Myler’s peers such as Martyn Hare, Paul Birken and as Housefire pointed out to me, Robert Hood.

Chicago Ridge Hand rattles of bits of Ansome, Sunil Sharpe and Blawan as it does the scene its title nods to. At the same time, it has a seething deep booty tech vibe to it. As if that was made with hammers.

The EP is an eclectic bounce dip across various points of techno and house and would be a welcome “make the fuckers move” addition to any bag. In case you missed it previously, I’m fairly sure you should buy this.

As with previous releases such as Gorilla Biscuits on Pennyroyal and Butter Soft Leather on Apothecary Compositions Dixie James shows Myler continuing to hone his sound and all the other compliments you slap out when someone is just wickedly adept at shitting out the big, deep and funky techno.

Myler’s tracks (and all Mindcut releases) are probably more dance floor assault weapons rather than straight releases and should be used without any care or caution, like dynamite fishing for people caught somewhere between asking for papers and stretching.

Mindcut08 — Myler — Dixies James EP is available for €8 EUR or more for vinyl and €4.50 EUR or more for digital release

As a bonus here’s Myler’s punishing Gorilla Biscuits