The Gruffians — Gruff 001 (Bandcamp)

this one is Jerome’s favourite Gruffian

This little two track Bandcamp pickup release. This is my lock of the month.

I flicked this up whilst going digital shopping at Jerome Hill’s Don’t & Super Rhythm Trax labels. For more on Jerome, here’s an interview with him over at Skirmish Blog and another great interview over at Watch The Hype

As he appears to exist as the Techno cross between Tom Bombadil, Winnie the Pooh and Charlie on the radio. It is worth picking up everything Jerome has put out. Once you start, the completist will take over.

Everything about this kicks.

Mastered by Lawrie Immersion, Gruff 01 was originally released as a vinyl 12" back in November 2009. The release was a split with Black Mass Plastics (DJ Typhoid of The Leyton Breakers & True Diabolists) Side A was Ready Shreddy & I love computers

radio cut from Sub.FM

From what I’ve heard of both tracks, it looks like I’ll have to get digging for a copy of this. A bit of a dig on youtube turned over the following also

Another one for the Discogs wish list.

The Gruffians’ side was born out of Lucie (Lusinda/Little Misschiff) & Jerome’s shared love of the Cape Fear theme and the desire to chop the rubbish bits out of Snap!’ The Power. Rebuild it. Beef it up. They had the technology…

The technology in question being a Russian soft synth called Olga. The rest was judiciously chopped up with some KRS One and you have The Gruffians. A superb battle record.

This is my favourite

While out of print on vinyl and probably findable through Discogs. Gruff 01 is now available on Bandcamp for £1.75. You can’t really beat that for a funk bass tech combat record like this. I can’t see any time when dropping this won’t get a good reaction.

And maybe…

Just maybe, if y’all pick it up, we might get Gruff 02 and maybe a t-shirt.

There will be more on Jerome Hill and associates coming over the next while, largely because that’s what I’m buying and listening to at the moment.

Here’s another one of my favourites by Jerome Hill

Skipping from Rave, Techno, Electro, New Beat and on to all corners of electronic music, to the moon and back. Jerome Hill runs a weekly radio show almost every Wednesday on Kool London. This is a highlight of the radio week and once you’ve been locked in, you won’t want to miss it. It may be impossible to be uncheered during a Jerome Hill Kool London show.