The Last White Rajahs - The Last White Rajahs

Sometimes, most times you wake up on the audio salvage barge and find things you have no idea why or how they got there.

So this The Last White Rajahs by The Last White Rajahs has been on my hard drive for some time. I can’t fathom where it came from, for a while there I thought it might be my mate’s side project. But I’m pretty sure it’s not, unless he’s playing coy. It mentions being a sideproject of Villaruse. Though, that does not help the puzzle.

It’s a glitch drone pop chiptune thing. Echoes of Ochre and fragments of other things. It’s really quite nice. Songs are short, but whole and dream like. This is good background music and if that breed of people who populate coffee shops ruining trip-hop and ambient albums with overplay ever get their hands on this, it’s ruined. Ruined I tells you

“This album is intended to be heard in its entirety.”

Which is why I have butchered it here on a small alter of words. Out of order, out of sync. You should probably stop reading this and go listen to it as the artists intended.

The album is pay as you want on bandcamp

Originally published 14/72014