Warbaby - Sonic Museum Pt.1

As we previously mentioned, Lithuanian-Irish producer, Warbaby excels in a fine line of Techno, experimental, Industrial and sharp electronics.

Her latest release Sonic Museum Pt. 1 takes the sonic points Warbaby was touching with work like ± nHagGdo aCnrTap ± Purgatorial Dreams and Wabi Sabi and dropkicks it elsewhere.

It was released without much fanfare and at the moment remains a little unknown. Which, is a terrible crime against nice things.

I happened across Warbaby through Soundcloud about a year ago and have watched each track release climb and twist in polished quality.

I’ve been trying to review this for hours — but the tracks keep making me zone out. I drift and I’m gone and I have to bring myself back by playing something psychologically jarring like ELO. Then angry, I go outside for a cigarette, stream the album again to get back into the review place and another hour has passed and I’m not quite sure what happened. But, the fridge is still upright, there’s no blood on the walls, I’m not missing any fingers and hear no sirens, so everything is okay.

There are fragments of Ochre, Orbital, Aphex, Tobin, Orphx and many others all coalescing on and on to it being Warbaby.

With this sort of release; a thing of curves, spit, squints and polish — you’d think it would act like a form of nitrous for the artist. But the landscape is slightly Warbaby-less — a quiet radio silence since she dropped this sonic murder-pus… I…I made up murder-pus there…I was trying to think of some sort of weaving tangling mix between a net, an octopus, a mic drop and a cavity block. Murder-pus was as far as I got before I drifted back off and I had to play some Twisted Sister to knock the brain back to a more blasted mundane place with finger grips and thought space.

Wherever she dwells now — quiet, torpid perhaps, or knob twisting and crafting — ready to jump out of nowhere again, sonic imagination machetes twirling. It is hard to say.

But, best we hope, as this release shows an artist only beginning to find her stride and if this is anything to go by — were she to disappear for a long time, we would all be missing out on the nice and the fanciest of sonics.

So, if you find a little bit of joy, or zone-y beauty in these lush and sprawling keys and strings. Throw some money at the lady, so that she might make some more things of splendour for us, the ham-handed aural gluttons feasting behind the anti-shame curtains.

It is pay as you want on Bandcamp here

Originally published at 6/9/2015