Masters of Horror Season 1 - John Landis -Deer Woman

Episode seven of the first series, this John Landis directed feature was a definite stomper to open on. Starring Brian Benben from the TV series ‘Dream On’, I was going to carry on from that sentence, but his name has me mesmerised, is it real? If so, where did it come from, is he related to Yogi Bear?


‘Deer Woman’ is a raging return to form by Landis. A dark horror comedy more than anything else, it is also reminiscent of ‘Dream On’. This tale of an ancient Native American feminist evil delivers at every minute of its sixty odd minutes.

Watch it.

No, don’t nod and say yeah at some point I’ll definitely have to track that down.

Buy the goddamn boxset.

Watch it.

Five stars out of five.

Originally published at 5/10/2007- elsewhere