Tucker and Dale vs. Evil [2010]

At first there were murmurs — whispers about a new horror comedy.

Then a trailer arrived offering tales of promise, whispers of gore and the faint impression that this may well be very, very funny.

Tucker and Dale are two likable well meaning hill-billies who’ve just bought a holiday home (see abandoned shack on the edge of a lake). What follows is a play on the sub-genre of the crazed hill billy in Horror — as everyone thinks the worst of them and a group of students begin to suspect them of far darker things.

While to some it may be a bit of a one trick pony — with gore, great writing, acting and tight comedic timing ‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’ is hilarious, a delight and a hard act to follow if put on first on a movie night. I loved it. There is nothing overtly offensive in this film barring a bit of gore, I think it more than acceptable for most audiences.

I think the best thing about this film, is that it feels like a carefully and lovingly crafted opening shot in what — if this is successful — could be an amazing franchise. Left with so many possibilities for continuation and actual development of the main characters, all of whom are quite endearing. It does a great job in leaving you wanting more from them and as I found, actively talking about what Tucker and Dale could be against in the next film. There was a split consensus at my viewing; with one person wanting mummies, another for werewolves and I was left just wanting another movie, possibly with Nazis, or Klu Klux Klan, perhaps, Nazi Zombies or Zombie Klan.

I find if a film leaves you happy, excitedly talking about what the sequel might contain — actively hoping that it’s a success so that you get a sequel and wouldn’t it be cool if… — then I think that film is — at whatever it was trying to be — an overwhelming success.

Watch this. Try catch it at the cinema if you can.

Originally published at 9/5/2010

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