Gift Culture: Questions to Go Deeper

by Dola Dasgupta

I am a firm believer in Gift culture, but I have a more organic understanding of this and I feel it cannot be enforced as a formula. It will emerge as we go within ourselves and reach a space where Giving and Receiving becomes One.

I want you to ask yourself these questions: Over a period of say two or three weeks…Slowly take your time. (others can also do this exercise if they see value in it)

1. What are my immediate needs of sustaining my body, my mind, my heart? Make three different lists. Be as specific as possible. You can keep adding or deleting over a period of time. And then look for the common thread in the three columns.

2. What are my creative expressions, that if I didn’t engage in, would not fulfill my needs in the above list that you make? The expression could be in areas of problem solving, cooking, educating children/communities, speaking up etc anything just make an honest list? And as you make that list witness the feelings in your lower abdomen, solar plexus, throat region? Is their any constriction that you feel or is there flow and rest?

3. Now say this to yourself, “I want to be remunerated by people for the value I bring into their lives.” And witness again your abdomen, solar plexus, heart center and throat. And note the sensations. And watch also the thoughts or images your mind throws up as you feel these sensations deeply. Make a note of them too. Watch the forms and images or word association that comes up with ‘remuneration’. Write them down.

4. Now say this to yourself and write down, “I want to help and support people in/with _____’….and add the areas in which you feel you can help…add as many as you specific. As you read the list yourself, watch and observe your self too, honestly and authentically. Then match it to the first list, I asked you to make. See what is common.

This has helped me a lot, a lot…