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Introducing Mainnet SWPR farming

Swapr farms are launching on Mainnet Ethereum October 14th, 2021


It’s important to note that despite launching alongside Epoch 3 of Arbitrum, Mainnet will follow the originally planned Epoch 1 allocation. A main focus of Mainnet farms is gas efficiency, and they’ll start with combining the first 4 epochs, with the potential to combine additional epochs in the future.

SWPR Epoch 1 Emissions

Included in Mainnet Epoch 1–4:

  • SWPR / WETH 60% allocation with 310,800 SWPR over 2 months;
  • DXD / WETH — 25% allocation with 129,500 SWPR over 2 months;
  • DAI / WETH — 15% allocation with 77,000 SWPR over 2 months.



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