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Swapr Farming Epoch 2 Rewards

Swapr Epoch 2 now live on Arbitrum!

Alongside the weekly DXdao community call, Epoch 2 of Arbitrum farming launched on Swapr! The SWPR signal proposal laid out a plan for a multi-month liquidity mining campaign, where SWPR awards are readjusted as needed throughout the “epochs” (two-week period). According to the emission schedule, there is 896,000 SWPR to be distributed on Arbitrum One throughout the second epoch. Many changes occurred dictated by on-chain data, community feedback and potential partnerships arising throughout the first epoch period. Let’s hop right into them!

The first thing you might notice: “101%? With 12% TBA? What’s going on here?”. If you remember the Swapr farming announcement, 10% of the tokens were left unallocated due to bridging limitations surrounding the Arbitrum launch. A small portion of these tokens have been utilized in Epoch 2 to make room for some additional projects. This small portion of the tokens could continue to be utilized as the campaigns move along, or they could simply be sent to the Swapr Guild treasury depending on feedback.

The first epoch incentivized 9 pairs. Epoch 2 keeps those pairs, adjusts the percentages, as well as introducing 6 new pairs to be incentivized. Adamant finance and their native token ARBY is a newly launched Arbitrum auto-compounder and yield optimiser. They have already integrated Swapr farms and have been in active discussion with the team. Impermax provides leveraged, single sided, and indirect liquidity provision. They are launching their Swapr integration very soon! Arbi’s is a yield aggregator and auto-compounder that recently launched on Arbitrum and has already integrated Swapr farms. These changes also add a GNO/ETH pair, as Gnosis has been with DXdao since the beginning.

The big addition to Epoch 2 is currently denoted as TBA. The specifics have been discussed in the forum and elsewhere, involving an interesting mammal with long claws. Keep your eyes peeled on Swapr community channels for an announcement in the coming week…

Looking forward

In the future, MIM or Magic Internet Money is a stablecoin that is making an aggressive push on Arbitrum inciting discussion of potential SWPR rewards. It has a similar model to Maker that uses interest-bearing collateral. SPELL is the project’s native token (like MKR). They would be a great project for SWPR rewards but they currently have a Sushiswap campaign where they are distributing SPELL rewards. The Swapr community is interested in potential outreach to the MIM/SPELL community in the coming weeks.

There are also still three pairs from the first epoch whose campaigns have not launched because the tokens are not yet bridged to Arbitrum. There still is an expectation of including these projects as soon as feasible. DAI is now bridgeable and included in the Epoch 2 DAI/WETH pair with a 10% weight.

As a reminder, Arbitrum Epoch 3 will start Thursday October 14th at 1500 UTC. Feedback and suggestions can be made with the Swapr channels on Discord and throughout the DXdao forum. Mainnet and xDai Epoch 1 need to move through the governance process on mainnet, it is currently expected that Epoch 1 will launch alongside Arbitrum Epoch 3, on Thursday October 14th at 1500 UTC. Tune into the weekly DXdao community call to beat the crowd!

About Swapr: Swapr is a multi-chain automated market maker (AMM), deployed on Ethereum mainnet, xDai, and Arbitrum. Swapr is the first AMM to allow for adjustable swap fees through governance, as well as the first DAO deployed DeFi protocol on Ethereum; developed organically within the DXdao community.

Connect with Swapr: Discord, Twitter, Telegram

Connect with DXdao: Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Keybase, DAOtalk Forum




Swapr is the first automated market maker (AMM) to allow for adjustable swap fees through governance and has been organically developed within the DXdao community

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