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Swapr in Colombia and the Path Forward

Contributors recently headed to Colombia to attend Devcon VI in the beautiful mountainous city of Bogotá. After Devcon, next on the agenda was a DXdao retreat to reflect, analyze and discuss the future of DXdao. As Swapr approaches a major milestone in its development, community governance, it was the perfect opportunity to bring the Swapr squad together. The team came from around the globe, and this is a short recap of what transpired.

The Three Routes.

With this major milestone on the horizon, Swapr must determine its future. Product owner Zett presented the following options for the course Swapr could take after crossing this milestone and simultaneously exciting beta.

Swapr maintenance mode means Swapr remains as it is now, with no new features added for the foreseeable future. There will, however, be ongoing maintenance and support for deploying on other networks.

Currently, Swapr is using Uniswap V2. With option 2, an assessment will be done of Uniswap V2 and what is out there on the market. It must then be decided if we want to continue using Uniswap V2 or research other frameworks for making Swapr better at being capital efficient. Uniswap V3 has been pretty instrumental in making the protocol capital efficient for market makers and it would be nice to see how we could get Swapr to have composability along with fee governance. We will also be researching other leading protocols and see what fits best for Swapr.

Swapr: As a pricerunner of AMMs.

Liquidity.eth: Multi-Protocol Liquidity as a service. A liquidity engine that has governable fees that splits between LPs, protocol and project fees. Liquidity.eth will be available for any AMM and Aggregator, where everyone gets a fair share of the fee.

These are exciting times for Swapr, and we are happy to have you along for the journey. Stay tuned as we delve further into these options. Now for something a little more on the lighter side.

The Team

As with every product, there is a team of people behind it. People who care about what they are building, why they are building it and for who. We wanted to give you a glimpse behind the curtain of the people who make up Swapr, so we have collected some of their thoughts from the trip to Colombia. Enjoy :)


“Getting to meet your coworkers face to face is priceless. Things get less misunderstood and tougher subjects can be talked about. The retreat gave us a space where we were outside of our comfort zone.“


“ As we work remotely, being in person is a great way to meet the people that we work with day to day but outside of the screen. Also it’s an opportunity to meet people from other squads, learn what they are doing and get a better understanding of all things DXdao.

The location was amazing, an island on caribe part of Colombia, was the perfect setting for this kind of team reunion. The retreat increased our bonds. As we are more connected we’ll also be more productive, as we become more emphatic and excited to work with each other.

Excited for the next chapter of DXdao. We’re only getting started.”


“From learning and networking in Devcon to connecting with dxDAO contributors in dxRetreat. Colombia was an amazing and enriching experience.”

What’s on the Immediate Horizon

Let’s pivot now to what has always made Swapr unique, user-centric design. Upcoming releases will have some amazing new features, and we are here to tease you with some sneak peeks.

In Beta 17, set for early November release, we will add an all-new Advanced Trading View. This is an awesome feature that will bring a multitude of data to the fingertips of all Swapr users. In conjunction with Beta 17 going live, we will be publishing a quick and easy-to-read “How, Where and What” article detailing all the information about this very exciting new feature.

So make sure to follow our Twitter and be on the lookout for this in early November. In the meantime, here is some sneak peeks…

CoW Swap is a long-time feature of Swapr and needs no introduction. CoWSwap is great at combating MEV, and we can think of only one thing that would make it better…Limit Orders!

Last but definitely not least, Swapr has always strived to bring you support for the chains you want. Swapr will now also extend support to BNB chain.

About Swapr: Swapr is a multi-chain automated market maker (AMM), deployed on Ethereum mainnet, Gnosis Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon and Optimism. Swapr is the first AMM to allow for adjustable swap fees through governance, as well as the first DAO deployed DeFi protocol on Ethereum; developed organically within the DXdao community.

Connect with Swapr: Discord, Twitter, Telegram

Connect with DXdao: Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Keybase, DAOtalk Forum



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