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Swapr Oct 28th Farming Rewards

Bi-weekly recap of upcoming SWPR token release schedule

Welcome to another week of Swapr farming rewards on Arbitrum, xDai and mainnet! This bi-weekly series will detail the changes and finalized allocations of all active SWPR distribution methods. Swapr Farming Campaigns initially launched on 2021/09/16 at 15:00 UTC on Arbitrum, with Mainnet and xDai starting shortly thereafter. Without further ado, let’s hop into it.

Arbitrum Epoch 4

All chains experienced very minor changes if any in this period, in preparation for discussions of larger changes in the coming weeks. The community has been discussing changing the 2 week cadence, moving the allocations per chain, and more. Turns out, there are actually no changes to Arbitrum for this week. That being said, there is one important distinction:

  • BADGER and ibBTC — Both the BADGER/ETH and ibBTC/ETH pairs are set to formally launch after various challenges with the bridging process. These pools will launch alongside Epoch 4 requiring no additional adjustments to the other established pairs. Keep an eye on the Swapr socials for more important information on these pools.

Mainnet Epoch 2

Mainnet farms launched on October 14th, 2021 with the first four epoch’s combined to remain gas conscious. As a result, there are no changes in this epoch.

xDai Epoch 2

This week on xDai there were some minor changes and additions. xDaichain has significantly diminished fees allowing for more active campaign management. This is expected to pick-up in the coming weeks but for now, lets review the smaller changes:

  • STAKE/XDAI from 10% to 9% — This pool was slightly reduced to allow the community to catch up to the allocated percentage of SWPR rewards.
  • AGVE/XDAI from 5% to 3.5% — Similarly to STAKE, the pool didn’t have the immediate expected impact. The rewards have been slightly tapered to allow the community to catch up to the mean before reintroducing these rewards.
  • RICE/XDAI addition — RICE made a splash on Swapr xDai, launching with over $1m in liquidity. This epoch adds a small portion of rewards to any prospective RICE/ETH LP’s. NOTE: This proposal still needs to pass through governance. If it doesn’t pass in this round, RICE rewards are expected in the following Epoch or possibly sooner.


Arbitrum Epoch 4, Mainnet Epoch 2 and xDai Epoch 2 will start Thursday October 28th at 1500 UTC. Feedback and suggestions can be made with the Swapr channels on Discord and throughout the DXdao forum. Tune into the weekly DXdao community call to beat the crowd!

About Swapr: Swapr is a multi-chain automated market maker (AMM), deployed on Ethereum mainnet, xDai, and Arbitrum. Swapr is the first AMM to allow for adjustable swap fees through governance, as well as the first DAO deployed DeFi protocol on Ethereum; developed organically within the DXdao community.

Connect with Swapr: Discord, Twitter, Telegram

Connect with DXdao: Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Keybase, DAOtalk Forum




Swapr is the first automated market maker (AMM) to allow for adjustable swap fees through governance and has been organically developed within the DXdao community

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