The Eco Router — Effortlessly Combining Safety and Best Value Trading!

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Header graphic showing the various AMMs and aggregators that Swapr’s Eco Router uses
The Eco Router

Recent events in crypto reinforce the need for non-custodial financial services. Users want to be able to trade at the best price without giving up control of their assets or sacrificing their privacy. What if we told you that Swapr gives you the safety of a decentralized front end and makes getting the best value trades totally effortless? With Swapr’s Eco Router you get quotes from several of the most prominent and liquid front ends on the market today, with no extra fees and without ever having to leave Swapr’s front end! We would say it, but someone already beat us to it… “Now that is magic!”

“The ideas behind developing the Eco Router were convenience and safety.”


“How do I get the most for my swap?” is a question we heard a lot. Another concern that was at the top of the priority list was one of “Saving time”. Users confirmed that going to different front ends, gathering prices from each and then putting that information together to make a decision on which one offered the best value deal, took an enormous amount of time. For most users, by the time the information was aggregated, a lot of it was already redundant. As you can imagine, this led to a lot of frustration and sub-standard trades. It confirmed to us that users are primarily interested in getting the best possible value for their trades, and this is exactly the benefit you get from using Swapr’s Eco Router.

Instead of you having to navigate to 2, 3, or even 4 font ends, connect your wallet, check the details of all potential trades and then compare them, Swapr’s Eco Router does all the heavy lifting for you. As soon as you enter the amount of the token you want to swap, the Eco Router immediately goes to work and combs through a variety of AMMs and aggregators for the best value trades. Once it has completed its search, the Eco Router then displays exactly what you need in a single, easy-to-read list, automatically raising the best option to the top of the display and auto-selecting that trade — all in one simple, quick and easy request.

screenshot of Swapr swap box returning Eco Router search results and auto-selecting the best option.
The Eco Router in action

As you can see in the example above: looking to trade ETH to USDC, the Eco Router has returned the 3 best trade options, and provides information about: Price Impact, Fees and Minimum [Amount to be] Received. The Eco Router has also auto-selected the best trade option: Uniswap. Using another AMM or aggregator to complete a trade, such as Uniswap, is just like doing the swap directly through the Uniswap dapp, because the Swapr UI communicates directly with the relevant Uniswap contracts.

To sum up: swapping on Swapr is as simple as 1: connecting your wallet, 2: entering your desired swap pair, requesting the quotes, and 3: clicking the “swap” button. Saving yourself time and money is absolutely effortless with Swapr and its amazing Eco Router.


If saving time and money is not enough, using Swapr.eth also adds an enormous layer of protection into the mix. Swapr’s front-end is neither owned, nor controlled by a centralized domain provider. Swapr.eth is owned by DXdao, which owns and operates its websites through a trustless on-chain governance process, fondly known as the ENS Update Proposal Process. So, when you are accessing the Swapr dapp, you can do so with confidence, knowing that now you are getting the best return on your trades while being protected by a decentralized, censorship-resistant front-end.

But that’s not where the protection ends! We have one more surprise left: MEV protection! Ever since the integration of Swapr with CoW Protocol, we have been able to offer all of our users added MEV protection, which helps to eliminate the risks of getting sandwiched or front-run!

MEV protection built in

In addition to all of this, Swapr only uses the private analytics service, Fathom, purely for the purpose of improving Swapr without collecting users’ data. Usage cannot be assigned to any particular user. Your trades remain private and anonymous.

“Now that is magic!” seems rather appropriate now.

Thank you

We buidl for our community and sincerely hope you enjoy using Swapr and the Eco Router as much as we do. We want to thank all of you who have put your trust in Swapr, and have helped make it the powerhouse AMM it is today. For those of you who are just discovering Swapr, we invite you to join our Discord and participate in the discussion. We would love to hear from you, get your feedback (both good and bad), or even just to say hello. If you want Swapr to add any particular network or DEX, kindly raise a request in Canny, where you can also see the Swapr roadmap.

The Eco Router is available across a full suite of chains supported by Swapr, namely Etheruem mainnet, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis Chain, BNB Smart Chain, EVMOS, Dogechain and Polygon.

About Swapr: Swapr is a multi-chain automated market maker (AMM), deployed on Ethereum mainnet, Gnosis Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon and Optimism. Swapr is the first AMM to allow for adjustable swap fees through governance, as well as the first DAO deployed DeFi protocol on Ethereum; developed organically within the DXdao community.

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