Release: LFGER Hits App Store

NEW YORK, NY, February 9, 2016 — SWARM ( a NYC based mobile product studio, today released their new product LFGER ( a mobile app available on iOS that lets gamers quickly find other games to play with. This is the company’s second product in the gaming space, with the first one being PartyUp Player ( a similar application available on the Google Play Store that also focuses on grouping players.

“We wanted to roll two different products to test out a few assumptions. If you look at LFGER, it’s literally a two screen app, super simple and minimalist UX. Likewise the top to bottom interactions are something we haven’t seen in too many apps and wanted to see how people would react to it, while providing them a simple utility app.” said Jacek Grebski, one of SWARM’s partners.

And he’s right LFGER is an effortlessly simple app where you select a console or system, game, add your name and add a message if you want. Or simply look for people who are already looking to play a certain game, and that’s it.

Grebski mentioned that when thinking about this product the SWARM team wanted to make it as minimal as possible, a true MVP in a sense. Whether it will have an impact in the gaming world is still up for debate, but it’s always refreshing to see a company run its own experiments.


SWARM is a digital product studio based out of NYC. The company builds mobile products across mobile, web and emerging technologies for brands and startups alike.

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