Announcing Swarm Capital

A premium service provider for digitizing assets

Swarm Capital
Oct 10, 2019 · 3 min read

The SWARM Network’s core mission has always been to design and provide a free and open infrastructure that broadened access to the traditionally exclusive opportunities of high finance. Like many veterans of the crypto-services space, SWARM has evolved rapidly and repeatedly in response to a maturing security token market. Each iteration of the SWARM Network represents a refinement of our best guess at how we can accomplish our mission.

Today marks the launch of Swarm Capital, a premium service provider for digitizing assets. Swarm Capital is also the first service provider to build its business atop the SWARM Protocol, the open, regulatory compliant infrastructure for digital securities. Formed by core team members of SWARM, Swarm Capital will provide solutions beyond the scope of the non-profit SWARM network, as well as demonstrate the potential for service providers to use the free and open infrastructure to build their own businesses.

The SWARM Protocol stack consists of the SRC20 security token standard, as well as Market Access Protocol (MAP) and Investor Pass - both operating on the SWARM masternode network. The SWARM protocol is free to use and open for anyone to either develop upon or extend. Swarm Capital is building its services on top of the SWARM Protocol, enabling customers to leverage the underlying infrastructure and integrate with other premium services. The result are à la carte and white-label services for issuers and issuance service firms who desire additional support in the creation and lifetime management of their security token offerings.

Given that capital formation is a major challenge for digital asset issuers, Swarm Capital’s first product release is Earlybird - a lead generator tool for issuers to gauge interest and gather data about their investor base before launching their security token offering. Merely two weeks after its soft launch, six digital asset issuers are already using Earlybird to gain insights about their potential investor base. Several more custom instances of the app are slated to go live imminently.

As SWARM has been delivering on its promise to build an open source protocol while operating as a non-profit, we have consistently seen demand from issuers and other market participants for a service layer that would conveniently allow them to interact with the protocol layer. There has also been an obvious need for seamless integrations with other tools required within the digital security value chain. We realized that the best way to meet customers is with a dedicated entity that can demonstrate the power and flexibility of the SWARM Protocol, as well as enable its customers to use it as a foundation for building their businesses. For us, this is the natural next step to creating adoption for digital securities.

Learn more about Swarm Capital and its offerings on the web.


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