BlackBox Labs and Swarm Partner to Unlock Multi-Billion Dollar Tokenization Opportunity in Southeast Asia

Vivian Jane
Mar 5, 2019 · 3 min read
The digital securities space in Southeast Asia faces the same primary challenges we’ve seen in other world markets — high cost and complex technological and regulatory barriers.

Swarm is pleased to partner with BlackBox Labs — a technology advisory firm aiming to activate the digital asset economy in Southeast Asia. BlackBox Labs plans to do this by helping issuers and investors in the region navigate the onboarding and compliant trading of digital assets using Swarm’s open-source tokenization infrastructure and Market Access Protocol (MAP)

“With the right infrastructure, collaborative network, and regulatory set ups, the potential for a tokenized economy in Southeast Asia is immense. We are extremely excited to be collaborating with Swarm in bringing forth a revolutionary tokenized economy.” — Glen Liu Zhenquan, CEO of BlackBox Labs

BlackBox Labs has found that the large and growing population of investors in Southeast Asia require modern, agile, and secure wealth management. Thus they believe that the burgeoning investment economy will be well-served by the flexibility and efficiency that Security Token Offerings (STOs) provide, citing an August 2018 report by The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) which found that private impact investors (PIIs) have deployed $904 million into the Southeast Asia region, and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) have deployed around $11.2 billion since 2007.

The digital securities space in Southeast Asia faces the same primary challenges we’ve seen in other world markets — high cost and complex technological and regulatory barriers.

“Swarm’s free tokenization model and open infrastructure were designed to lower barriers and make it easy for local experts to plug in. We’re thrilled to partner with the team at BlackBox Labs as they leverage their expertise and our technology to help unlock the multi-billion dollar opportunity in digital securities in South East Asia.” — Philipp Pieper, Co-Founder & CEO of Swarm

There is no doubt that Southeast Asia’s investing ecosystem has developed significantly over the last decade. BlackBox Labs expects that STOs will play a huge part in the continuing rapid evolution of this space, particularly as the number of digitally savvy investors continues to grow. With BlackBox Labs’ advisory solutions, investors, enterprises, and governments in Southeast Asia will be able to issue and trade tokenized securities compliantly atop the open technological infrastructure provided by Swarm.

BlackBox Labs is a technology advisory firm supporting enterprises, governmental bodies, and family offices in tokenizing, building & launching new/enhanced business models powered by innovative tech like Blockchain.

Swarm is a non-profit providing open infrastructure for the issuance and trading of digital securities. Asset owners and fund managers can issue security tokens using Swarm’s technology with no fees, facilitating access to fractional ownership in formerly exclusive asset classes like real estate funds and private equity. Swarm empowers investors to invest alongside others, forming a Swarm that collectively meets minimum funding requirements to participate in these investment opportunities, also with no fees. Swarm has created Market Access Protocol, an open source, decentralized system for the safe and compliant purchase and transfer of digital securities within and across blockchains.



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