Claim your SWARM Masternode Rewards

Sam Stone
Sam Stone
Aug 2, 2019 · 2 min read

The latest round of SWARM Masternode Rewards are now available.

Claim yours now. Check out our short tutorial video and/or follow the simple instructions below:

Note that you’ll need some ETH in your masternode’s wallet to pay for gas.


  1. Sign in to see your node’s dashboard.

2. If you have rewards available, you’ll see them here:

Your SWARM Masternode dashboard gives you detailed information about your node and rewards.

3. To claim your rewards, click the claim rewards button:

4. You’ll be presented with a transaction to sign. Sign it!

A transaction will now be initiated, and your rewards are on their way.

5. Follow your transaction by clicking the Tx link in the Payouts tab.

6. Check your wallet. Once the status of your rewards has changed to Claimed, you should see the SWM tokens there.

You will see the SWM in your wallet once the status of your rewards has updated to read “Claimed”

Note: Rewards can only be paid out to the wallet address which you registered when you set up your node.

Join the SWARM Masternode Telegram group to chat with other operators and the SWARM team — and stay tuned for further updates on masternodes and governance by following us on Twitter and subscribing to our newsletter.

Sam Stone

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Sam Stone

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