Meet our Head of AI. Join the conversation on Decentralized Governance.

Welcome to your Swarm Newsletter for December 22nd, 2017.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Holidays with family and friends, cool weather in many parts of the world, and 30% daily swings in the crypto markets. As the year wraps up, we at Swarm have gratitude for our friends, families, and the whole Swarm community for being a part of this journey with us. 2018 will start off with a bang.

We will be in Las Vegas for Coin Agenda and CES, where our CEO Philipp will sit on a panel alongside executives from Ripple and Civic. The following week the team will be in full effect in Miami at the North American Bitcoin Conference, including a speaking engagement by Joel. But the real highlight of January will come in the form of launching the MVP of the Swarm Platform, including the first live funds — ready for investment and trading. In a market that continues to grow in size, scrutiny, and volatility, we couldn’t be more excited to launch a platform built on a foundation of compliance, liquidity, automation, and de-risking.

And now, a few highlights from the week:

Introducing our New Head of AI, Frank Taylor

We’re proud and grateful to welcome Frank Taylor to the Swarm Fund team. Frank brings nearly 20 years of experience, with expertise in Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning. He has served as Senior Data Scientist and ML engineer at Hotel Tonight, Earnest Inc., and Personagraph, and is advisor to and has provided solutions for a multitude of startups. He is currently directing his efforts toward decentralized machine learning, differential privacy, and working to advance the domain of Artificial Intelligence in the future decentralized ecosystem. And at Swarm Fund, that future is now.

Decentralized Governance

Our cofounder Joel Dietz’s Meetup last week was a dynamic roundtable discussion inspired by presenter Peter Schurman’s documentary in-the-making, One Global Democracy. Wow — this is a big idea to iterate on and bring into fruition. Many angles and opinions were brought forth on how to actually execute a global decentralized government, and if it’s even possible. Swarm team members and other blockchain-savvy participants were able to provided grounded, use-case perspectives on how a unified global democracy is not only possible, but how with blockchain-based tools it might be possible during many of our lifetimes.

The conversation about the plausibility of blockchain governance was also highlighted this week via a recent blog post by Vitalik Buterin, to which Dietz responded and continued the conversation by debunking some common misconceptions on the topic. How else to create change but to evolve in how we converse about it?

The Smell of Regulations in the Air

A hot year-end topic, at least in the United States, has been around tax reform and the regulatory environment. We found a technically elaborate and educational article from a law firm that works in the tech space. Check it out here if you’re looking for a straight-talk, unbiased resource on the topic.

That’s all folks! Thanks for joining us this week.

Happy holidays,

Your friends at Swarm Fund


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