New Swarm Masternodes put you in the driver seat

Welcome to your Swarm Newsletter for August 13th, 2018.

Swarm has made a big step toward the full decentralization of the network by introducing Swarm Masternodes. Anyone who acquires a masternode — which is a compute resource that runs the Swarm core software and validates transactions — will have a say in how the network operates and evolves. And that’s how you democratize finance. To ensure fast deployment of the masternodes, Swarm is launching a lucrative incentive program. Check out the press release and the blog post by Philipp for all the details.

Be sure to also view media coverage of the Swarm Masternodes announcement:
- FaceBook Live Q&A Session with Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper
- YouTub Interview with CryptoDave
- In-depth Coverage & Project Review from The Crypto Hobbit

Register for a Swarm Masternode today:

SWM token release right on schedule

All SWM tokens are officially out in the wild. July 16 marked the 4th and final token liquidity release. SWM tokens purchased during the October 2017 Token Sale have successfully completed the 1/4th drip-liquidity schedule voted upon by the global Swarm community. To buy SWM tokens, click the Bancor icon on

Blog: How Swarm is Working Toward a More “Stellar” Blockchain

This blog post lists all the reasons why Swarm selected Stellar as the blockchain backbone for its unique token offerings. In addition to Stellar’s outstanding AML/KYC compliance protocol, it is Stellar’s ability to track, hold, and transfer any type of asset — dollars, euros, bitcoin, stocks, gold, or other tokens of value — that made this choice easy. Read the blog

Meet Sam Stone — Swarm’s Operations Manager

Interested in getting to know the people behind Swarm? Watch the interview with Sam Stone. Sam is Special Operations Manager at Swarm. He was a guest on the Crypto Brew Show and speaks candidly about the current crypto-market conditions. He’s optimistic about the future. He says, “I can see a future, not too far away, where we all own a little piece of infrastructure or service that we use on a daily basis.” Needless to say, Swarm is here to make that future a reality. Watch the entire interview or listen to the podcast version

Interested in tokenizing securities? Gain insights from the experts

Swarm’s Chief Investment Officer Timo Lehes participated in the July 11 CoinDesk webinar “How to Tokenize Securities”. Together with Howard Marks (CEO StartEngine) and Scott Purcell (CEO Fund America), Timo shared his expert insights on this new development. All three agreed that tokenizing securities will be beneficial to investors and see facilitating infrastructures taking shape. Soon investors (big and small) will tokenize their stocks and even parts of their own homes. Swarm already offers security tokens. Listen to the Coindesk webinar, and checkout current investment opportunities at

July 15–17th — CoinAgenda Europe, Malta

On a panel entitled Tokenizing Securities & Funds, CEO Philipp Pieper discussed trends in the security token space together with other security token industry experts and presented the Swarm security token platform. Also part of that panel was Chris Cleverly, giving insights about the FARM Coin business model and the benefits of launching their security token on the Swarm platform.

August 15 — Meet Vivian at the ‘Women in Blockchain’ event in Atlanta

Join Swarm’s Vivian Jane in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia on August 15th for a panel discussion on blockchain and cryptocurrency hosted by Gyals Network. The organization is a platform and event series for the emerging female leader who wants to make a positive impact in the world. The discussion aims to encourage women to take up their due space in this emerging field by demystifying these topics and empowering them to make use of this exciting new technology. Learn more and register here today.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading, and for being a part of the Swarm. We’re very excited about what Swarm Masternodes will bring to the blockchain community, and hope you will remain a part of the revolution.


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