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Welcome to your Swarm Newsletter for October 3rd, 2018.

New quorum and voting majority requirements approved by Swarm community

The Swarm community has approved new voting requirements for the Swarm democracy. With a majority vote (that closed at midnight on September 16) the community lowered the quorum requirement from more than 50 percent to 25 percent. This means that now 25 percent of the tokens in circulation are required to participate in a vote, for the result of the vote to be considered valid.

The results of the ballot can be viewed at voting.swarm.fund.

Questions? Contact Swarm Support at invest.swarm.fund or ask your question in the Swarm Telegram channel where we have a 24/7 presence.

Swarm partners with Monarch Wallet to support SWM and SRC20 tokens

“Monarch is a product-and-technology first company, which makes them an ideal partner for Swarm. Their universal crypto wallet, and their roadmap of empowering tools and services will be a real driver of the mass adoption and we are thrilled that SWM, SRC20 security tokens, and MAP will all be a part of Monarch.” 
- Philipp Pieper, Co-Founder & CEO of Swarm

In its latest industry partnership, Swarm joins Monarch in a collective effort to remove middlemen and barriers to entry in the financial industries. Read the full press release.

In his blog post, crypto-investor and entrepreneur Andrew P. applauds the fact that Swarm has teamed with Monarch to further expand the SRC20 security token market. He expects Monarch to cultivate mass adoption of SRC20 tokens with the introduction of its universal cryptocurrency wallet that is ‘easy enough for your nana to use’. The blog reviews how each party benefits by working together and comes to the conclusion that the two blockchain companies will remove the barriers and middlemen that prevent everyday people from accessing the best and fairest ways of bettering their financial position in today’s society with the democratizing power of blockchain technology.

Read the full blog post here.

Blog: Compliant Security Token Trading with MAP — #1: A Primer for Token Issuers

Issuing a security token is not an easy task. The regulations token issuers are subject to are complex and often pre-date the internet. In his first in a series of blogs Swarm’s Sam Stone covers how Swarm’s Market Access Protocol (MAP) can make life easier for token issuers. MAP creates “embedded compliance” and removes much of the complexity, so that token issuers can focus on their core function of managing the assets and conveying their investment’s value proposition. MAP will help token issuers raise capital from a new set of investors and accelerate the adoption of blockchain in finance.

Read the entire blog post here.

Meet Swarm’s Sasha Lieders in ‘Stake and Nodes’ podcast

Along with Swarm’s CEO Philipp Pieper, developer Sasha Lieders participated in the Stake and Nodes podcast episode #12, covering a wide range of topics. Sasha shares how he got involved with Swarm and why he’s so attracted to Swarm’s vision of decentralizing finance. He praises the ideologically diverse team he’s on and feels it is helping Swarm introduce breakthrough innovations — like Swarm Masternodes and the associated incentive program. Despite the volatilities surrounding cryptocurrencies today, Sasha is confident the fintech industry will thrive. He foresees a future in which an instance people own 20 percent of a car and pay for it in cryptocurrency.

Listen to the entire Stake and Nodes podcast on Soundcloud today.

Swarm Masternodes: Community & Opportunity — livestream conversation with Vivian Jane and Sasha Lieders

In a recent Facebook live session Vivian Jane and Sasha Lieders discussed the ins and outs of Swarm Masternodes. They share how the idea came about, how a Telegram group added energy to the development process, what the masternodes mean for decentralization, how they are different from Dash masternodes, and the importance of community governance. Their passion for what they are doing in Swarm is palpable — and their enthusiasm contagious. Get involved in Swarm Masternodes — as you will be part of the revolutionizing the traditional financial industry, can earn great rewards and may end up owning your very own football team.

Watch the entire Facebook Live chat on our page.

Bitcoin Exchange Guide calls Swarm #1 of Top 5 blockchain projects to watch in September 2018

BitcoinExchangeGuide, known for providing in-depth, impartial information about the services of major bitcoin exchanges, published an article in which it calls out Swarm as one of the five most exciting blockchain projects expected to make a big splash in September 2018. The article refers to major Swarm milestones from August, such as the tokenization of Robinhood on the Swarm platform, the announcement of Market Access Protocol (MAP) and the agreements with OpenFinance Network (OFN). InvestInBlockchain comments, “We’re expecting all of that progress to carry over into September and beyond with more developments in the works including strides towards better AI trading efficiencies and automating the administrative processes related to fund deployment. These factors, combined with Swarm’s well-established presence, could make the coming weeks a breakout point for the marketplace.”

Read the BitcoinExchangeGuide article here.

Coindesk article features Swarm Masternodes reward system

In his article “The Fight Over Masternodes: The WTF New Way to Earn Money With Crypto”, Brady Dale of Coindesk covers the growing interest in masternodes. These masternodes allow participants in the network to earn income that’s above and beyond token price appreciation. Brady highlights Swarm Fund as a project that allows masternode owners to earn more than one kind of reward. The article states that the idea behind Swarm is to allow people to invest in projects for which the upfront cost is typically too high. Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper is also quoted in the article, “In contrast to other rewards systems, our masternode system actually increases rewards over a long period of time.”

Read the Coindesk article here. 
Register for a Swarm Masternode at www.swarmmasternodes.com.

Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper directly answers live questions from the community

On September 20th, Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper hosted a Telegram AMA (Ask Me Anything) to provide transparency to the Swarm community. Questions were plentiful and well-crafted, covering a range of from relative positioning to white glove services, and from U.S. accreditation laws to European jurisdictions.

Read the published transcript of the Telegram AMA here.

Opportunities to meet up with Swarm’s leadership team in US and Europe

If you’re interested in an opportunity to meet with Swarm leadership one-on-one, join us at these upcoming events:

Oct 4 — Security Token Academy in New York City, New York — CIO Timo Lehes speaking on the Tokenization Platforms panel. Get 50% off discount tickets to the event.

Oct 11–12 — Blockchain Shift in Miami, Florida — CEO Philipp Pieper, speaking.

Oct 13–14 — Igniter Conference 2018 — Mountain View, CA — COO Chris Eberle and CIO Timo Lehes will be present. Timo will be judging the pitch competition, and Chris will be speaking on the Blockchain Experts panel.

Oct 19 — Start Engine: Tokenizing the World — Los Angeles, CA — CIO Timo Lehes is speaking alongside industry leaders such as former SEC Chairman Christopher Cox. Use the code “TIMOLEHES” to get 15% off your tickets here.


Take action to ensure your Swarm funds stay safe

Securing your Swarm account — and the funds in it — is a top priority for Swarm, and it should be yours as well. There’s a lot you can do to keep the bad guys at bay, like backing up your seed, setting strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). Swarm increases the safety of your account by sending you a confirmation code when your account is accessed from an unfamiliar device or location. Also note that Swarm will never ask to provide personal information via phone or email. Read the blog and keep your Swarm funds safe — Security Tips for your Swarm Account.

Questions? Contact us at swarm@swarm.fund, in Telegram, or via the Intercom Support box on the Invest platform.


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