New tokenized fund on Swarm: Viejo San Juan (VSJ)

Welcome to the Swarm Newsletter for May 14th, 2018.

New investment opportunity takes SWM tokens

Swarm has added a new investment opportunity, and the first that allows you to directly invest your SWM tokens. The new fund is called Viejo San Juan Comunidad Real Estate Fund (VSJ) and holds properties for both redevelopment and current rental income.
Heady renewal is going on in historical Old San Juan (Puerto Rico), making this an exciting real estate market. Old San Juan is arguably the most livable urban neighborhood in America. It offers a bohemian lifestyle in a Caribbean setting and because it is on Puerto Rico, US tax payers don’t have to pay federal taxes. This is definitely an investment opportunity worth exploring. Sign in to your account and check out this new investment opportunity. For photos and real-time discussion with the fund managers, go to Swarm Discussion Forum

List your investment opportunity on the Swarm Platform. Here’s how to get started

Fund managers from around the world have shown interest in listing their projects on the Swarm platform. This process starts with filling out the Tokenization Intake Form, after which a Swarm team member will follow up with you to get the application completed. Swarm is open for business and we’re excited to see how the Swarm platform will help you find investors for your projects.

Swarm welcomes 15,000+ new users

Our March Madness campaign is over. During the campaign, Swarm registered more than 15,000 new users and gave away 100,000 SWM tokens to participants in its referral program and 20/20 Airdrop. If you missed out on the action, you can still earn 10 SWM tokens by verifying your identity. Sign in to your account and click on “Verify your account” to get started.

For those who have SWM tokens in their wallet, check out the various investment opportunities and decide which funds you want to invest in.

Meet the Swarm Fund leadership team at Consensus 2018

As Blockchain Week NYC kicks off, New York City is swarming with Blockchain enthusiasts, crypto entrepreneurs, investors and developers. For eight days Blockchain Week offers a variety of events, including conferences, meetups, workshops and other social events. Swarm Fund will be at the Consensus 2018 conference (May 14–16) at the Hilton Midtown. This will be the best place to learn about trends and what you can expect from the financial technology industry. Swarm Fund’s entire leadership team will be present to brief you on the latest developments and opportunities on the Swarm platform. You can find us on the second floor in booth 54. Use promo code C18Fj3F for a $300 discount on your Consensus passes.

Swarm Fund CEO comments on volatility in cryptocurrency markets

Watch ZDNet’s Tonya Hall interview with Swarm Fund CEO Philipp Pieper as they discuss how Swarm connects investors to investments on the blockchain. To the question what needs to change to make cryptocurrency a more solid and reliable source of value, Philipp replies “If you want to professionally trade, you need something that escapes this volatility. You need something that has footing in balance sheets and real assets. That’s why we created security tokens. Those are independent from the hype. We create assets that can bring a significant amount of value and stability to the ecosystem.”
Watch the video interview (11 minutes)

Blog: Your official guide to the security token ecosystem

In her blog “Your Official Guide to the Security Token Ecosystem” Tatiana Koffman is reviewing security tokens. She describes what they are, which advantages they bring, and how and where to get them — including Swarm Fund. Get ready for the term “STO” — a security token offering. According to Tatiana, this term is here to stay. Read Tatiana’s blog

BlockchainNews comments on Swarm’s presence at London’s Blockchain Expo

In her article Taking the ‘Temperature at London’s Blockchain Expo 2018’ managing editor Adriana Hamacher describes how the lines between blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) are blurring. She includes the social post of Swarm Fund’s Harsh Jani who had been on one of the panels she moderated. Harsh Jani wrote “Key takeaways from three panels in last two days:– the amount of money getting invested into blockchain tech will continue to rise. — enterprise adoption to go from experimentation to large scale deployments. — IoT and blockchain are going to become best friends. — will see a rise in security tokens. — will see a rise in asset backed tokens. Oh and don’t screw with the SEC” Read the BlockchainNews article.


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