SWARM has selected award-winning Copper as its preferred digital custodian. The integration of Copper’s solution will provide the institutional grade security fundamental to the mass market trading of digital securities.

SWARM Intelligence #25

Vivian Jane
May 15, 2019 · 6 min read

SWARM partners with Copper to ensure worry-free trading of digital securities

SWARM has selected Copper as its preferred digital custodian. With Copper’s technology, SWARM can provide institutional grade security, which is fundamental to the mass market trading of digital securities.

Thanks to Copper’s multi-signature custody solution, institutions will have complete certainty that their capital is not at risk of theft. Copper also ensures the complete security of an offline repository of asset owners’ shared keys during the transaction signing process.

Copper CEO Dmitry Tokarev considers SWARM to be at the forefront of the emerging security token investment industry. He comments: “The partnership between SWARM and Copper puts us at the forefront of developing the infrastructure for financial services 2.0”

Read the full announcement from Copper.

New investment opportunity coming 28 May

On Tuesday, May 28th, Resolute.Fund will launch the first of a series of blockchain-based funds to invest in distressed mortgage loans via SWARM’s open tokenization technology. These distressed mortgage loans will be primarily senior mortgage loans on residential or commercial real estate. The Fund seeks to acquire the loans at discounted prices and exit at higher prices via refinancing, resale of loan, or sale of underlying property.

Blockchain News reports on TRON x SWARM agreement to issue security tokens

In his article Richard Kastelein writes about how SWARM will allow asset providers to issue security tokens on the TRON blockchain. He explains that investors can now use TRX and USDT-TRON to purchase security tokens. Richard quotes SWARM’s Co-Founder Philipp Pieper: “This is about meeting people where they are, and opening the door for the massive and engaged TRON community to enter this rapidly growing space.” Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent agrees and adds “SWARM is one of the preeminent builders of digital investment infrastructure and its decision to adopt the TRON blockchain will further our push to make decentralized finance the next big thing for the investment community”

SWARM Co-Founder Philipp Pieper on stage at Barcelona Trading Conference 10 and 11 July 2019

The Barcelona Trading Conference (BTC) offers crypto enthusiasts two days of informative panels and workshops covering the latest developments and trends in the Fintech industry. Philipp Pieper will be joined by other thought leaders such as Carlos Domingo of Securitize on-stage for a panel discussion titled “The Present and Future of Security Tokens”.

Register to attend this thought-provoking conference

The Blockchain Guy interviews SWARM Co-Founder Philipp Pieper

In this hour-long podcast The Blockchain guy Frederick Munawa talks with Philipp Pieper about the history of ICOs, whether it makes sense to tokenize traditional securities, the three components of the SWARM system (tokenization, compliance, and decentralization), and about how SWARM differentiates itself from other players in the STO market.

[02:35] — Who is Philipp Pieper and what is SWARM? Introduction and overview

[06:34] — How Philipp met Brian Cohen (Founder of BitTorrent)

[09:55] — A (very) brief history of ICOs

[17:18] — Is it even feasible to effectively tokenize traditional securities

[22:12] — Tokenizing LP (Limited Partnership) funds

[36:27] — Why is SWARM an open-source non-profit entity?

[37:50] — Philipp Pieper’s personal history

[43:40] — An overview of SWARM’s structure

[56:10] — How is SWARM different from other players in the STO market?

[59:46] — Philipp’s prediction on where Bitcoin and Ethereum will be in 10 years

[1:02:34] — What is the blockchain killer app?

[1:05:48] — His advice to companies and entrepreneurs interested in innovating with Blockchain

[1:09:17] — Conclusion

Listen to the interview with Philipp Pieper

SWARM’s Philipp Pieper shares his views on digital securities on Ampliv TV

Philipp Pieper sat down with Ampliv TV host Yuree Hong for an hour-long interview about digital securities. While Philipp shares his views on a variety of topics, he also touched on the terminologies representing digital securities. Philipp: “people gravitate to Security Token Offerings (STOs) because the nomenclature similar to IPO and ICO. I think it’s the wrong terminology because it doesn’t matter whether it’s a token or not.” He continues by stating we’re not recreating an ICO infrastructure, going on to say “I do like digital securities a lot for the simple fact that this is about giving securities a digital wrapper — which don’t even have to be blockchain based”.

Watch the interview on Ampliv TV’s YouTube channel

SWARM COO Chris Eberle at 2019 Block Plus Summit

Kicking off New York Blockchain Week last weekend, BitMart Labs hosted the 2019 Block Plus Summit at Fordham University — bringing together blockchain veterans and insiders to discuss and share their insights on how the industry is evolving. The first panel of the day, Landscape of the Service Token Offering (STO) Market, featured SWARM COO Chris Eberle. Joining Chris were fellow panelists Dr. Alex Cahana of CryptoOracle, David Liu of 256 Ventures, and moderator Samuel Proctor, CEO of Genesis Block.

On Tuesday, May 28th, Resolute.Fund will launch the first of a series of blockchain-based funds to invest in non-performing mortgage loans.

Resolute.Fund, with a focus on distressed mortgage loans, is targeting a net return of 18–20%. Distressed mortgage loans have historically provided an above average return in the real estate asset class, with the security of owning the most senior loan on a property. The distressed mortgage loans will be primarily senior mortgage loans on residential or commercial real estate where the borrower has failed to make payments or are selling at distressed prices for other reasons. The Fund will seek to acquire the loans at discounted prices to principal balance, manage the loans, and, after restructuring of the loan or foreclosure, exit at higher prices than acquired via refinancing, resale of loan, or sale of underlying property.

This is a lucrative opportunity to invest in distressed mortgage loans. This fund is limited to USD 5 million in size. The offering will run through the end of June, and includes bonuses in tokens to investors for each stage of the offering. Our investors have a liquidity option, and control of their investment, as Resolute.Fund offers the digital fund share class on the Ethereum blockchain — tradable peer to peer and with other major ERC20 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. We will accept fiat currencies as well as major cryptocurrencies for investment.

Resolute.Fund has been investing in mortgage loans on behalf of investors for 20+ years. The digital security and our fund offering are fully compliant and subject to U.S. federal security regulations.

Our Philosophy:

  • A diversified portfolio of real estate managed by professionals can lead to optimal risk-adjusted returns.
  • A liquid, tradable share class gives investors flexibility and control.
  • Value is created for our investors by combining these two.

We look forward to your interest in Resolute.Fund.

Our law firm is McCarter & English.

Please see our Executive Summary (English), Executive Summary (Chinese), Marketing Deck, Thesis Paper and additional information about the offering on our website.

Chat with the Resolute.Fund team on Telegram.

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