“Today we launch the latest technological incarnation of our mission to make investment markets more trustworthy and accessible to all. Our experience in the 18 months since launching and operating our blockchain for digital securities indicated that issuers needed a higher degree of flexibility and customization than what the market had to offer.” — SWARM Co-Founder Philipp Pieper

SWARM Intelligence #26

Vivian Jane
Jun 9, 2019 · 4 min read

SWARM launches new platform allowing funds to issue digital securities at no cost.

SWARM has introduced new technology enabling funds to compliantly issue digital securities across major blockchains. With this new platform, issuers can bring their digital securities to the blockchain of their choice and accept investments in a broad range of both fiat and cryptocurrencies. With this platform, issuers can also facilitate the compliant trading and transfers of these digital assets — all free of fees. SWARM Co-founder Philipp Pieper comments “We believe this zero-fee model will help bring a swath of opportunities to the market, and unleash the long promised potential of STOs.”

Check out the first two opportunities available now, powered by SWARM:

  • Resolute.Fund — a US-based real estate fund
  • INDX — a UK-based Masternode investment fund

More information: press release and SWARM on the web.

Resolute.Fund lets you invest in distressed mortgage loans.

Powered by SWARM’s next-generation tokenization tech, Resolute.Fund — a diversified U.S. real estate fund — offers an opportunity to invest in distressed mortgage loans on residential or commercial real estate. Resolute.Fund acquires these loans at discounted prices and makes money by selling them at higher prices — after refinancing, resale of loan, or sale of underlying property. Resolute.Fund is looking to raise a minimum of $1 Million (hard cap $5M), and accepts BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, TRX, USDT as well as USD, EURO, JPY and KRW. There are no minimum requirements regarding the size of the investment. The sale of the security tokens ends on Monday June 24, 2019. An Investor Pass is automatically created for participants in the token sale event, and can be used to streamline participation in other STOs.

More information can be found on the web at Resolute.Fund.

INDX — the Masternode investment fund that returns regular passive income.

Masternode investment fund INDX also launched on SWARM’s new next-gen infrastructure. The fund’s proprietary algorithm scans the market and automatically re-balances the portfolio to give you the highest possible Masternode revenues. If you own INDX tokens you will receive a passive income of 50% net yield from the Masternode rewards. The remaining 50% is reinvested back into the fund to grow the token NAV. With INDX market volatility will have little impact on your investments. INDX is looking to raise a minimum of $1.25 Million (hard cap $15M) The sale of the security tokens ends on Monday July 1, 2019. An Investor Pass is automatically created for participants in the token sale event, and can be used to streamline participation in other STOs.

More information can be found on the web at INDX.capital.

SWARM issuers now have their own group on Telegram to share best practices.

SWARM has created a Telegram group where security token issuers using SWARM’s infrastructure to tokenize their offering can talk with each other about their strategies and share their best practices. Prospective issuers who have begun the process of preparing to launch an STO via SWARM’s infrastructure will be invited to join the group for the opportunity to confer with and learn from fellow token issuers.


Resolute.Fund took to Twitter to share why it selected SWARM as its STO issuance partner.

Resolute.Fund, the real estate fund offering investors an opportunity to invest in distressed mortgage loans via SWARM’s new infrastructure, is enthusiastic about the new partnership. On May 30 CEO Andy Strott shared a twitter thread addressing the main reasons why he selected SWARM as Resolute.Fund’s issuance partner. Here’s what he wrote: “The answer is simple: SWARM’s no-fee structure has allowed us to prepare our digital securities offering without prohibitive upfront costs, to the benefit of our investors.’’ He goes on to say “SWARM’s open infrastructure offered us the customizable options and flexibility we were looking for to structure our offering as we desired.” And he closes by referring to the ever-growing SWARM community “The SWARM Community of 40,000+ strong.”

See the entire twitter thread.


Philipp Pieper at the Fintech 4 Business Conference

On June 4th, SWARM’s Philipp Pieper joined Ivan Bjelajac of SWARM development partner MVP Workshop at the Fintech 4 Business Forum in Belgrade — a gathering that was established to introduce SMEs and the business community in Serbia to business solutions and alternative ways of financing offered by modern technologies in the field of finance (FinTech). Philipp spoke about digital securities and meeting country officials and leaders of financial institutions.

Timo Lehes on stage at Tokenized Assets London

On June 4th, SWARM’s Timo Lehes joined a panel of experts at Tokenized Assets — London, a conference aiming to provide comprehensive insights on applying blockchain technology to the entire process of tokenizing a real-world asset and the creation of a security token. The topic discussed by the panel was How to Issue Tokens on the Blockchain.

Harsh Jani represented SWARM at Ethfinex & Blockpass event in London

On May 31st, friend of SWARM Harsh Jani took the stage at a meetup in London jointly hosted by Ethfinex and Blockpass. There he discussed the future of SWARM, IEOs, and blockchain-enabled fundraising.

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